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About Us

Faculty co-editors
Stephen F. Befort ('74)
Laura J. Cooper

2013-2014 Student Editorial Board
Philip M. Black

Lead Managing Editor
Kaitlin Ziegler

Managing Editors
Colin Bruns, Timothy M. Cary, Michelle Oswald

Note and Article Editors
Henry Ha, Tessa Thompson

Staff Members
A nine-member staff of second-year law students write articles for possible publication and prepare professional articles for publication. Members of the 2013-2014 staff are Erik Bal, Kent Dolphay, Andrew C. Kuettel, Ethan Landy, Armeen F. Mistry, Brittany Mitchell, Austin Neese, Lehoan Pham and Alex Schoephoerster.

Advisors and Editorial Board
The Minnesota student and faculty editors are advised by an Editorial Board from the ABA Section, chaired by Robert M. Dohrmann. Other members of the Editorial Board are Thomas D. Allison, Fredric H. Fischer, Joseph Z. Fleming, H. Victoria Hedian, Nancy E. Hoffman, Ellen C. Kearns, Paul W. Mollica, and Gary R. Siniscalco.

Publisher: The ABA Journal of Labor & Employment Law (ISSN: 8756-2995) is published three times per year by the American Bar Association, Section of Labor and Employment Law.