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Study Abroad

University of Minnesota law students are encouraged to study abroad. Studying abroad instills a combination of theory and practice by enabling students to study a foreign legal system while living in that country at the same time. It allows students to experience what they are learning in the classroom. It further broadens students' perspectives by training them to approach other legal systems and legal subjects from a non-U.S. perspective. The Law School further encourages students to study abroad because it enables them to take courses not regularly offered at the Law School.

All second- and third-year law students in good standing are now permitted to transfer up to 15 credits towards their J.D. from one semester abroad, or a total of 29 credits over the course of a J.D. program. Students may also transfer up to six credits towards their J.D. degree from a summer study abroad experience.

Students may study abroad through a variety of opportunities:

For more information, please download our "Introduction to Study Abroad" and "Deadlines for 2014-15 Semester Study Abroad" brochures.

International Law
Library Collections

The nearly unparalleled depth of the Law Library’s foreign collection enables the Law School to offer a unique course in International and Foreign Legal Research, attracting scholars from around the world. The Law Library also has one of the most extensive collections of human rights materials available in the world today. In-depth scholarly research is possible in practically any field of Anglo-American law. The library also enjoys extensive sections devoted to other foreign jurisdictions, especially Western European ones, with an emphasis on materials from Scandinavian countries.