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Academic Support

No matter what students' education and previous experiences are, learning to think like a lawyer—let alone write like a lawyer on a law school exam—can be as challenging as it is fascinating.

The Law School provides a range of resources to help students understand their learning style, to prepare for and get the most out of class, and ultimately, to excel on law school exams.

First and foremost, our faculty members support student learning through regular office hours, and by inviting questions and feedback from students about their progress in a given course.

Talented 2L and 3L students provide academic support and mentoring to new students through the Structured Study Group and Legal Writing programs.

Assistant Dean of Students Erin Keyes meets one-on-one with students to help identify and address learning challenges. The University’s Disability Services office provides instructional supports and recommends appropriate accommodations for law students with disabilities.

A teaching assistant specialized in legal writing and ESL (English as a Second Language) provides International Student Writing Support to students for whom English is not a native language.