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Immigration Law Externship - Center for New Americans




F3; S2 cr.

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In this two semester externship course, students acquire legal experience in immigration law under the supervision of practicing attorneys at one of three non-profit legal services providers that are partners to the Law School's Center for New Americans. The three non-profits are (1) the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota, (2) Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, and (3) The Advocates for Human Rights.

The course involves 150 hours of work during the fall semester, including meeting once a week in a seminar format in addition to fieldwork. Fieldwork will be at one of the three partner organizations under the direction and supervision of an on-site attorney supervisor. The seminar meetings are held in the fall only, and in conjunction with students in Professor Cook's Non-profits and Public Sector Externship. Classroom time will be devoted to attaining the course learning objectives, which include: skill building in professional to professional interactions; leadership; office infrastructure and management; strategic problem solving; and reflective practice; contextual substantive law and ethics; systemic analysis; and lawyer's role and career development.

In the spring semester students are expected to dedicate 100 additional hours to ongoing field work at their non-profit organization. The course will be graded H/P/LP/F. A course prerequisite or co-requisite is Immigration Law. Guided reflections journal will be required. There is no final exam.


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