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International Humanitarian Law




2 cr.

Student Year



This seminar seeks to give students an initial overview of the primary legal regimes that underpin the application of international humanitarian law (Hague Law and Geneva Law). Further, given the centrality of emerging jurisprudence from the International Criminal Tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda to the recent development of this field, significant emphasis will be placed on familiarity with current decisions of these bodies. This seminar will also facilitate an applied focus on a number of contemporary issues relevant to humanitarian law including the creation and operation of the international criminal court, the war on terror and its interface with IHL, the relationship between IHL and counterinsurgency and the application of humanitarian law to gendered violations in armed conflict situations.

The seminar seeks to (a) make students familiar with the basic theoretical concepts of international humanitarian law; (b) analyze and become familiar with international treaty documents pertaining to humanitarian law; (c) analyze and become familiar with relevant jurisprudence in the field of humanitarian law; (d) assess and apply the recent developments to an International Criminal Court (ICC) to contemporary and past situations of conflict and (e) focus on contemporary challenges such as the application of IHL to gendered violations in armed conflict.


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