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Law, Biomedicine and Bioethics




3 cr.

Senior Writing


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This is a 3-credit course that is more intensive and involves more work than the 2-credit seminar previously offered on this subject. Unlike the seminar, this course meets 2-3 times per week and provides an immersion in the burgeoning, cross-disciplinary domain where law, biomedicine, and bioethics meet. Students will emerge from this course with a thorough understanding of the history of this field; key controversies that have driven that history (from abuse of human subjects in research, to emergence of cutting-edge technologies, to control of decision-making in medical care); the range of applicable law (state, federal, and international); the evolution of modern bioethics and its interaction with law; and the articulation of policy (from commissions, NGOs, professional societies, and others). The course will consider competing accounts of the relationship of law, biomedicine, and bioethics, as well as current controversy over the future of the field


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