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Fiduciary Controversy




2 cr.

Student Year



The course will focus on the development and presentation of effective legal arguments in fiduciary liability controversies which (i) set forth all substantive elements of fiduciary claim causes of action -- the law -- providing a legal framework to (ii) identify and assert the events, conditions, circumstances and matters -- the facts -- necessary and sufficient to satisfy each cause of action element and (iii) apply and relate the facts to the law to establish (or contest such facts and law to deny) fiduciary claims liability. The course will concentrate on the adversarial process, i.e., the development of skills needed to identify, analyze and organize facts and apply such facts to all legal issues relevant to claims for fiduciary liability, by formulating and presenting effective, logically sound and persuasive arguments. The course will expose its participants to the process of producing and asserting those arguments through (i) identification of the relevant facts of a controversy, based upon understanding all of the substantive legal elements of a claim, (ii) organizing the relationships between such facts and law in a structure that is sound, logically complete and fortified against attack and (iii) presentation in writing that courts find persuasive.


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