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Policies and Procedures

Below is a list of all the topics on which you can find information on policies and procedures. The Policies and Procedures page is in the process of being updated. For questions about information not contained below, contact the Dean of Students Office at lawdos@umn.edu.

Alcohol Policy

The Law School complies with the University of Minnesota Regents Policy on Alcoholic Beverages on Campus. Alcohol use, distribution, promotion, or sale is prohibited on Law School grounds absent strict compliance with the Regents Policy and the permit application procedures set forth by the University's Office of Risk Management and Insurance. The Regent's policy can be found at: http://www.umn.edu/regents/policies/administrative/Alcohol.pdf.

Alcoholic Beverage Permit Application Procedures

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Alcoholic beverages may not be served at Law School events without prior approval by the University's Office of Risk Management, Student Unions & Activities Office (for Registered Student Organizations), and the Law School administration. A University Alcoholic Beverage Permit Application, available on-line, must be completed and submitted at least four weeks (20 business days) in advance of the event. All student alcohol permit requests must be submitted to the Dean of Students Office at lawdos@umn.edu for review and Law School approval before submission to the Student Unions and Activities Office. Faculty and staff requests should be submitted to the Facilities & Events Office in Room 474 (lawevent@umn.edu or 624-1885). Late or incomplete applications are not accepted. The Law School also reserves the right to deny alcohol permit requests for reasons other than untimely submission. For purposes of compliance with University policy, all Law School events will be deemed "Public" and thus require alcohol to be provided and served by a licensed and U approved caterer. Further information on potential caterers can be found on Inside.Law under Facilities & Events- Event Planning Guide.