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Policies and Procedures

Below is a list of all the topics on which you can find information on policies and procedures. The Policies and Procedures page is in the process of being updated. For questions about information not contained below, contact the Dean of Students Office at lawdos@umn.edu.

Degree Requirements

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J.D. Degree

Completion of the Juris Doctor degree requires 88 law credits (including up to six language or graduate-level non-law credits); designated first year coursework; satisfaction of three years of Legal Writing;  Professional Responsibility in the second or third year; and 6 semesters of full-time residency.  For more information, see Academic Rules 2, 3, 4, and 5. 


LL.M. Degree 

See Academic Rule 9

Completion of the Latin Law Masters (LL.M.) degree requires 24 credits of Law School work, earning a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0; satisfying two semesters of residence as a law student (i.e. enrollment in at least 12 credits per semester or obtaining a waiver from International Student Scholar Services (ISSS) to drop to as few as 9 credits in a semester); and satisfaction of the LL.M. writing requirement.