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Policies and Procedures

Below is a list of all the topics on which you can find information on policies and procedures. The Policies and Procedures page is in the process of being updated. For questions about information not contained below, contact the Dean of Students Office at lawdos@umn.edu.

Non-law Coursework

Registration for non-law courses begins on the announced Open Enrollment date and occurs on One Stop (www.onestop.umn.edu). All JD students are eligible to transfer in a maximum of six (6) non-law credits (unless completing an approved joint or dual degree).

Grading: You must earn the equivalent of a "C-" or better in a non-law course to receive credit at the Law School. All non-law coursework must appear on the student’s law transcript. Students may enroll in non-law courses on either an A-F basis or on a pass/fail grade basis, if available. Regardless of the grade-basis for the non-law course the grade will NOT factor into the Law GPA. The preferred grade basis must be selected at the time of registration for the non-law course. The Law School Registrar’s Office will not adjust the grade-basis for a non-law course after the student’s initial registration.

Instructor Consent: Some non-law courses require a “permission number” to register. Obtain this number directly from the instructor or the department offering the course.

For students who matriculated in or after Fall 2013:

The Law School will accept up to six (6) non-law credits at the graduate level (5000 and above) in coursework that is substantially law-related. “Substantially law-related” may be determined in one of two ways:

1. The Dean may approve such courses for a particular student based on a student’s petition explaining how the course fits into an overall plan of study. (N.B. This approval is delegated to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and a petition form will be forthcoming in November 2014.)

2. Courses currently approved for credit toward a Law School concentration satisfy the substantially law-related requirement. Students seeking to count credits towards graduation under this Section are responsible for researching the coursework currently approved under the various concentrations. See Concentrations at http://www.law.umn.edu/current/concentrations.html for more information.

N.B. Students should seek to verify such approval before taking a course, as denial of a retroactive petition may delay a student’s eligibility to graduate.


For students who matriculated prior to Fall 2013:

Language Courses: If you are interested in language courses, you may register for any level (1000-9000) course, provided you have not taken it as an undergraduate within the last 5 years. These courses fill fast.

Other Courses: You may take any non-language course at level 5000-9000 only.