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Sean Burke, Stephanie Ward (J.D. ’11) Attend IHL Workshop

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Burke (J.D. ’11)

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Ward (J.D. ’11)


On the basis of completed coursework and field experience and written statements of interest, Sean Burke (J.D. ’11) and Stephanie Ward (J.D. ’11) were selected to attend Law and War: An International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Workshop held at DePaul University School of Law on Oct. 15-17. The workshop, limited to current law students who had completed at least one year of study, explored humanitarian principles and international treaties seeking to save lives and alleviate suffering during armed conflict, with a focus on IHL application to combatants and civilians. It featured hands-on exercises and lectures by leaders in the field.

Presenters represented the Judge Advocate General’s Corp, FBI, Wisconsin National Guard, national and central Illinois Red Cross offices, John Marshall Law School, and the sponsoring organizations, DePaul’s International Human Rights Law Institute, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago. Among the topics of discussion were when IHL applies and its domestic implementation, the role of the ICRC, protected persons, warfare methods, and direct participation in hostilities.