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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Jenny Döge (LL.M. Class of 2010)

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Jenny Döge
(LL.M. ’10)


From Döge October 23, 2011:
After completing my LL.M. degree in May 2010, I stayed in Minnesota for three more months to prepare for the New York Bar Exam, which I took at the end of July. I went back to Germany to await the results and continue with my doctoral thesis, which I had discontinued during my stay in Minnesota. After receiving the good news that I passed, I was admitted to the New York bar in January 2011.

I also used the time after taking the bar exam to publish an article in the Archive of Public International Law, a German law journal, called "Cyber Warfare: Challenges for the Applicability of the Traditional Laws of War Regime," a paper I had originally prepared for one of my seminars at the University of Minnesota.

In January 2011, I started a two-year mandatory legal apprenticeship, which is required for German lawyers. It consists of several different internships in order to get to know all areas of the law. I clerked with a civil law judge who specialized in intellectual property rights for four months and then with a criminal law judge for another four months. Currently I am doing the third part, which is the most exciting so far. I am working for three months at the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations in New York. My supervisor is in charge of disarmament and non-proliferation issues as well as sanctions for Iran and North Korea. It is very exciting to see international law in action, as that was my focus at my law school in Germany and during my studies in Minnesota. Disarmament and non-proliferation is a complex area of international law, but it offers interesting challenges and contentious issues. I now know how much work and sweat is put into every document and resolution that is passed in the United Nations.