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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Shuo-Chi Chia (LL.M. Class of 2010)

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Shuo-Chi Chia
(LL.M. ’10)
with his former supervisor Devan Padmanabhan (left)


From Chia October 26, 2011:
In 2009, it was an age of fierce competition because of the global financial crisis. Luckily, I got the opportunity to enroll at the University of Minnesota Law School and begin gaining an advanced knowledge of intellectual property and business law to stay ahead of my peers.

After accomplishing my LL.M. program in May 2010, I got one offer from Dorsey and Whitney LLP. It wasn’t a matter of luck whether I got the offer. The learning from the Law School did give me a solid foundation in IP law. During my internship at Dorsey and Whitney LLP, my supervisor, Devan Padmanabhan, trained me a lot in practicing IP law. Further, he also allowed me to assist him on some cases.

In April 2011, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved my application for taking the patent bar exam, and then in May 2011, I passed the exam. Without the training from the internship, I won’t pass the patent bar exam because USPTO just adopted new exam rules in April 2011.

After expiration of the one-year internship at Dorsey, I went back to Taiwan and started a new job at Chimei-Innolux Corporation as an IP manager. It’s a new challenge for me to manage more than 20 team members and diverse IP issues. But, the LL.M. program and internship do enhance my expertise for my career goal. I believe that the LL.M. program and internship would be very helpful, not only for resolving all kinds of IP issues, but also for establishing an excellent IP team for my employer.