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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? HyongKun Kim (LL.M. ’12)

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HyongKun Kim (LL.M. ’12)


From HyongKun Kim,
October 22, 2013

More than a year has passed since I graduated from the University of Minnesota Law School as an LL.M. in the class of 2012. It has always been my great pleasure and honor to be associated with the Law School while in Minnesota, Seoul, Singapore and Phnom Penh as a professional. I am proud of the fact that I am a part of this great history of the Law School.

Organized curriculum, highly qualified faculty, and a kind and supportive program coordinator provided me with a solid background to be an international business lawyer. Moreover, I had the privilege not only to work together with distinguished U.S. lawyers in Minnesota, but also to form close friendships with many U.S. and foreign friends from all over the world. Owing to interaction with my friends who are highly respected as excellent lawyers in their own countries, I could improve my English, build strong international networks, and deepen my knowledge of cultural diversity.

After completing the LL.M. program in 2012, I returned to Korea and now am working for Jipyong Jisung, one of the prominent law firms in Korea, with many eminent lawyers having expertise in international practice in the Asia-Pacific region. Currently I have been dispatched to the office at Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In the office, I have represented many Korean and foreign clients in M&As, joint ventures, overseas financings and investments, and advised them on establishing overseas funds, negotiating, and drafting international contracts in both Cambodia and Laos.

Definitely no one has been more active and on the forefront as my law firm has been in opening up markets and setting up presences in key strategic territories that present new opportunities for clients in those countries, as well in Southeast Asia.

However, it is no simple matter to provide legal advice to satisfy the diverse needs of clients and their businesses. I believe that if I had not honed my writing and analytical skills, deepened my knowledge, and accumulated international experiences and networks in the Law School, I could not be capable of my present tasks. My experiences in the Law School enable me to make a significant contribution to my firm's practice.

I always miss Mondale Hall, my professors, and my friends. I am sure that they also miss the Law School and their life in Minnesota. It is always welcomed that Minnesota alumni visit me on their trips to Cambodia or Laos. I look forward to meeting you in the near future.