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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Eduardo Romeiro (LL.M. ’03)

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Eduardo Romeiro (LL.M. ’03)


From Eduardo Romeiro,
March 14, 2013

My experience at the University of Minnesota was excellent and could not have been better: I met my wife, Julia, with whom I now have two beautiful kids, Helena and Leonardo, and I had the opportunity to become familiarized with the U.S. legal system. The high quality of the teachers and all of the study instruments that the Law School offered were very important for the learning process.

I sought my LL.M. with a focus on litigation. I learned a lot about the U.S. legal system, civil procedure, torts, bankruptcy proceedings, and other aspects that are very different from the Brazilian legal system, which is based on civil law. At the same time, I improved my fluency in English.

After completing the LL.M. program, I worked for approximately one year in New York City at one of the largest international law firms in the world. There I was able to experience hands-on what I had learned in the LL.M. program, and it was a very rich and successful professional experience. My wife, Julia, returned to Germany to finish her Ph.D. and bar exams (which she completed in 2005) and is now working at a law firm that assists major German clients.

Two years after my return to Brazil, I decided to start up my own law firm, along with two other lawyers I had worked with for approximately 10 years at a major law firm in São Paulo. The firm we started with 5 professionals now has approximately 60 professionals, 30 of them lawyers, in addition to paralegals, assistants, law students, administrative staff, and consultants. The firm is located in one of the most respected sections of São Paulo and is recognized for the quality of its services. It was recently rated by important directories, including Chambers & Partners, as one of the best litigation firms in Brazil.

The firm is a member of an important network of law firms, with a global presence, in which each country is represented by a member law firm. Through my contacts with U.S. lawyers who are affiliated with this network, I have been able to confirm the University of Minnesota Law School's great reputation.

My professional practice is focused on civil and commercial complex and strategic litigation and includes cross-border litigation, class actions, contractual disputes, corporate litigation, product liability, credit recovery, and more. Currently I am helping resolve business disputes involving major companies in the U.S. and other countries.

My academic and professional development, mainly in regard to familiarization with the U.S. legal system, has generated the tools needed to create a legal practice, attract clientele, and communicate with lawyers of foreign companies, who often have difficulty understanding the Brazilian legal system. With my experience, I am able to identify troublesome areas, explain the Brazilian system, and clarify both legal approaches. I find that these skills and knowledge are critical in a global environment.

This year an associate of our firm is completing her LL.M. at the Law School, and her impressions of the program are also the best possible. As I did, she chose Minnesota from among several other prestigious U.S. universities that accepted her application and invited her to undertake their courses.

Julia and I became friends of lawyers from several countries during the LL.M. program, and we still keep in touch with them, sharing experiences and networking. We have had the opportunity to host some of these friends at our home here in Brazil and have enjoyed recalling the good times in Minnesota.