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This page lists recent faculty publications that were entered into the Law Library's database between June 1, 2013, and August 31, 2013.


  • Brian Bix, Ideals, Practices, and Concepts in Legal Theory, in Neutrality and Theory of Law 33-48 (Jordi Ferrer Beltran, Jose J. Moreso & Diego M. Papayannis, eds., Springer, 2013)

  • John Borrows, Maajitaadaa: Nanaboozhoo and the Flood, Part 2, in Centering Anishinaabeg Studies: Understanding the World through Stories (Jill Doerfler, Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair & Heidi Kiiwetinepinesiik Stark, eds., Michigan State University Press & University of Manitoba Press, 2013) (preface)

  • June Carbone & Naomi Cahn, The End of Men or the Rebirth of Class?, 93 Boston University Law Review 871 (2013)

  • Tom Cotter, Reform or Abolition? A Comment on Colleen V. Chien & Mark A. Lemley, Patent Holdup, the ITC, and the Public Interest, 1 Cornell Law Review Online 43 (2013)

  • Antony Duff, Virtue, Vice and the Criminal Law - A Response to Huigens and Yankah, in Law, Virtue and Justice 195-214 (Amalia Amaya & Ho Hock Lai, eds., Hart Publishing, 2013)

  • Barry Feld, Adolescent Criminal Responsibility, Proportionality, and Sentencing Policy: Roper, Graham, Miller/Jackson, and the Youth Discount, 31 Law and Inequality 263 (2013)

  • Mary Louise Fellows, Eighteenth-Century Moral Sentiments in Defense of the Twenty-First Century Estate Tax: What Adam Smith and Jane Austen Teach Us, in Beyond Economic Efficiency in United States Tax Law (David A. Brennen, Karen B. Brown & Darryll K. Jones, eds., Wolters Kluwer, 2013)

  • Michele Goodwin, The Death of Affirmative Action?, 2013 Wisconsin Law Review 715 (2013) (tribute to James E. Jones, Jr.)

  • Michele Goodwin, The Global Body Market: Altruism's Limits (Cambridge University Press, 2013) (editor)

  • Michele Goodwin, Compelled Body Part Donations from Children, in The Global Body Market: Altruism's Limits (Michele Goodwin, ed., Cambridge University Press, 2013)

  • Michele Goodwin, Law's Limits: Regulating Statutory Rape Law, 2013 Wisconsin Law Review 481 (2013)

  • Michele Goodwin, Liberalizing Tort Law, in The Global Body Market: Altruism's Limits (Michele Goodwin, ed., Cambridge University Press, 2013)

  • Steven M. Davidoff & Claire Hill, Limits of Disclosure, 36 Seattle University Law Review 599 (2013)

  • Claire Hill & Brett McDonnell, Reconsidering Board Oversight Duties after the Financial Crisis, 2013 University of Illinois Law Review 859 (2013)

  • Heidi Kitrosser, Free Speech aboard the Leaky Ship of State: Calibrating First Amendment Protections for Leakers of Classified Information, 6 Journal of National Security Law & Policy 409 (2013)

  • Alexandra Klass, Takings and Transmission, 91 North Carolina Law Review 1079 (2013)

  • Herbert M. Kritzer, It's the Law Schools Stupid! Explaining the Continuing Increase in the Number of Lawyers, 19 International Journal of the Legal Profession 209-225 (2013)

  • Steve Meili, U.K. Refugee Lawyers: Pushing the Boundaries of Domestic Court Acceptance of International Human Rights Law, 54 Boston College Law Review 1123 (2013)

  • Amy B. Monahan & Daniel Schwarcz, Saving Small-Employer Health Insurance, 98 Iowa Law Review 1935 (2013)

  • Amy B. Monahan & Daniel Schwarcz, Limiting the ACA's Threats to Small Group Health Insurance Markets, 16 Risk Management and Insurance Review 25 (2013) (abridged version of Saving Small-Employer Health Insurance, 98 Iowa Law Review 1935 (2013))

  • Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, Situating Women in Counter-Terrorism Discourses: Undulating Masculinities and Liminal Femininities, 93 Boston University Law Review 1085 (2013)

  • Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, The Gender Dimensions of Rule of Law Reform, in Promoting the Rule of Law: A Practitioner's Guide to Key Issues and Developments 129-142 (Lelia Mooney, ed., American Bar Association, 2013)

  • Fionnuala Ní Aoláin & Oren Gross, Guantanamo and Beyond: Exceptional Courts and Military Commissions in Comparative Perspective (Cambridge University Press, 2013) (co-editor)

  • Myron Orfield, Baris Gumus-Dawes & Thomas Luce, Failed Promises: Assessing Charter Schools in the Twin Cities, in Educational Delusions?: Why Choice Can Deepen Inequality and How to Make Schools Fair (Gary Orfield, Erica Frankenberg & Associates, eds., University of California Press, 2013)

  • Baris Gumus-Dawes, Thomas Luce & Myron Orfield, The State of Public Schools in Post-Katrina New Orleans: The Challenge of Creating Equal Opportunity, in Educational Delusions?: Why Choice Can Deepen Inequality and How to Make Schools Fair (Gary Orfield & Erica Frankenberg, eds., University of California Press, 2013)

  • Hari Osofsky & Jacqueline Peel, Climate Change Litigation's Regulatory Pathways: A Comparative Analysis of the United States and Australia, 35 Law & Policy 150 (2013)

  • Hari Osofsky & Hannah J. Wiseman, Dynamic Energy Federalism, 72 Maryland Law Review 773 (2013)

  • Richard W. Painter, Numerical Half Truths, Human Lies, and Other Distortions of Truth, 47 Valparaiso University Law Review 479 (2013)

  • Francesco Parisi, The Language of Law and Economics: A Dictionary (Cambridge University Press, 2013)

  • Francesco Parisi, Marta Cenini & Barbara Luppi, Enforcing Bilateral Promises: A Comparative Law and Economics Perspective, 21 European Review of Private Law 423-450 (2013)

  • Francis Shen, Mind, Body, and the Criminal Law, 98 Minnesota Law Review 2036 (2013)

  • Francis Shen, Rape, Money, and the Psychology of Taboo, 43 Journal of Applied Social Psychology 1015 (2013)

  • Robert Stein, Forming a More Perfect Union: A History of the Uniform Law Commission (LexisNexis, 2013)

  • Michael Tonry, Learning Cross-Nationally from Josine Junger-Tas: How Knowledge About Other Places and Times Helps Us Better Understand Our Own, 19 European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research 85-90 (2013)

  • Michael Tonry, Why Aren't Penal Policies Harsher and Penal Experiences of Non-citizens Less Severe in Switzerland?, in Kriminologie, Kriminalpolitik und Strafrecht aus Internationaler Perspektive: Festschrift fur Martin Killias zum 65. Geburtstag (Andre Kuhn et al., eds., Bern : Stampfli, 2013)

  • David Weissbrodt, Cyber-Conflict, Cyber-Crime, and Cyber-Espionage, 22 Minnesota Journal of International Law 347 (2013)