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Walter Mondale Speaks on Life of Civility

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Walter F. Mondale ('56)


Former Vice President Walter F. Mondale ('56) visited the Law School on Jan. 26, 2011, to lead a discussion on civility in law and public discourse. Vance K. Opperman ('69), president and CEO of Key Investment, moderated the event, introducing topics and posing questions raised by Mondale's recently published book, The Good Fight: A Life in Liberal Politics. Mondale also answered questions from the audience.

Mondale expressed concern over today's "harsh polarization, hostility, and how it can verge over into violence." He told students in the audience that in their careers as leaders, they will be tested on whether they can handle problems and issues with civility and decency. "You can help make society more civil," he said.

On the international stage, said Mondale, who was involved in numerous significant events during his many years in public service, "The example we set is more important than some other things we do overseas."