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Developing Countries in the WTO Legal System

Program Schedule

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Thursday, May 24

6:00 PM Reception
University of Minnesota Campus Club
6:30 PM Dinner

University of Minnesota Campus Club
7:30 PM Welcome by Provost E. Thomas Sullivan, University of Minnesota
Keynote Address by Jagdish Bhagwati, Columbia University

Friday, May 25
Mondale Hall, Room 25

9:00 AM Developing countries in the GATT /WTO legal system: A Presentation and Discussion of Joel Trachtman’s Revised and Updated Edition of Robert Hudec’s "Developing Countries in the GATT Legal System"

Opening Remarks by Marianne Hudec
Chair: Chantal Thomas, University of Minnesota
  • Joel Trachtman, Tufts University
  • B.S. Chimni, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • Sylvia Ostry, University of Toronto
10:45 AM Market access for developing countries: MFN and preferences in agriculture, manufactured goods, and services.

Chair: Timothy Canova, Chapman University Law School
  • Sungjoon Cho, Chicago-Kent Law School: Development by Moving People: Unearthing the Development Potential of a GATS Visa
  • Bernard Hoekman, World Bank: The General Agreement on Trade in Services: Doomed to Fail? Does it Matter?
  • Michael Trebilcock, University of Toronto & Tracey Epps, University of Toronto: Special and Differential (S&D) Treatment in Agriculture
Commentator: Richard Steinberg, UCLA
12:30 PM Lunch

Remarks by David Trubek, University of Wisconsin-Madison:
Reflections on Bob Hudec as Friend and Scholar
2:30 PM Special derogations for developing countries: balance of payments measures, infant industry measures, industrial policy, transition periods, and beyond

Chair: David Weissbrodt, University of Minnesota
  • Frank Garcia, Boston College Law School [paper to be presented]: The Bank, the Fund and the Poor: Justice, Bretton Woods Institutions and the Problem of Inequality
  • Chantal Thomas, University of Minnesota: Finance and the International Trading Regime: Rules, Theory and Practice
  • Robert Hockett, Cornell Law School: Winning More Friends by Making More Stakeholders: A Global Stock Ownership Plan
  • Y.S. (Steve) Lee, Development and the World Trade Organization: Proposal for the Agreement on Development Facilitation and the Council for Trade and Development in the WTO
Commentator: Amelia Porges, Sidley & Austin
4:15 PM Negotiations and linkage, the next generation: accession, TRIPS and beyond

  • Daniel Gervais, University of Ottawa: Intellectual Property and Special Derogations for Developing Countries
  • James Gathii, Albany Law School: Regional Economic Integration and African Participation in the WTO
  • Daniel Gifford, University of Minnesota & Robert Kudrle, University of Minnesota: Trade, Investment, and Competition Policy in the Developing World: How Real Are the Changes?
Commentator: John Odell, University of Southern California
6:30 PM Dinner

(Minneapolis Queen Riverboat, Boom Island Park)

Saturday, May 26
Mondale Hall, Room 25

8:30 AM Institutional issues relating to developing countries: representation, technical assistance, and dispute settlement

Chair: Joel Trachtman, Tufts University
  • Gregory Shaffer, Loyola University at Chicago Law School, Access to Justice in the WTO: The Case for a Small Claims Procedure [to be presented by Joel Trachtman]
  • J. Michael Finger: Trade and Development: Systemic Lessons from WTO Experience with Capacity-Building and Aid-for-Trade
  • Petros Mavroidis, Columbia University & Henrik Horn, IIES: Developing Countries' Participation in WTO Dispute Settlement Proceedings
  • Marc Busch, Georgetown University and Eric Reinhardt, Emory University, With a Little Help From Our Friends? Developing Country Complaints and Third Party Participation
  • Chad Bown, Brandeis University: MFN and the Third-Party Economic Interests of Developing Countries in GATT/WTO Dispute Settlement
Commentator: William Davey, University of Illinois
11:00 AM Closing Dialogue

Closing Remarks by Dean Guy Charles