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Educational Technology Service Policies

These policies apply to the Law School Community. For non-Law School Community requests, please see the separate item listed below.

Standard equipment and services reservations must be made 24 hours in advance. Standard reservations include requests for:

  • LCD projectors
  • laptop computers
  • overhead projectors
  • TV/VCR-DVD carts
  • screens (for projection)
  • visualizers/document cameras
  • CD/cassette player (boombox)
  • simple portable sound set-ups
  • technician assistance with classroom equipment
  • audio recording a class
  • video recording a class
  • audio conference in Room 262
  • video conference in Room 262
  • microphones set up in Room 25

Video Recording

We record onto DVD or VHS tapes in standard mode (2 hours per tape) unless otherwise requested.

Video Conferences

Please include technical contact information for the other site in your request. We will need to run a test connection with the other site prior to your actual reservation.

Special Events and Conferences

Please discuss your event directly with Greg Carr.

Weekends and Evenings

We are not staffed on weekends, and we are minimally staffed in the evenings in order to serve the Trial Practice Classes.

Centers and Institutes (Law School)

Educational Technology will provide basic technology support without charge for events held in Mondale Hall where the Center or Institute is the major sponsor. If your event has extensive staffing, technology, or supply needs, a surcharge may apply. Please contact Greg Carr, for further information.

Educational Technology does not produce DVDs, digital video files, or digital audio files for the Centers and Institutes.

Non-Law School Community Services

Due to staffing and resources constraints, Ed tech cannot provide event technology support for non-Law School groups except in certain circumstances. Charges do apply; please see the Rates Link. Although Educational Technology will video tape, the group does not produce DVDs, digital video or digital audio files for non-Law groups. Please contact Greg Carr for further infomation.

Requests for rooms, tables, chairs, easels, and whiteboards and other non-technology related items are handled by Law Building Services/Event Services. Please contact the Building and Events Manager, Linda Lokensgard, 612-625-2023, for further information.

Reservations for recording must be made 7 business day in advance.