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Room Descriptions and Rental Information
University of Minnesota Law School
Walter F. Mondale Hall

*Note: Scheduling of Law School classes & events takes priority; reservations by outside groups may not be accepted more than one month in advance.
(Applies to outside groups)
Saturday or Sunday
(Applies to outside groups)
Room 1
Room 5
Room 7
Subplaza. Seats 25 in the shape of a rectangle. Telephone conferencing is available in Room 7. Have built-in electronic classroom presentation systems. $100 $200
Room 15
Room 35
Room 45
Room 55
Room 65
Subplaza. Seats 55 in a lecture format. Rooms 15, 35, 45, 55 & 65 have built-in electronic classroom presentation systems. $100 $200
Room 20
Subplaza. Seats 114; "Distance" learning capabilities. If user wishes assistance with the electronic capabilities. $100 $200
Room 25
Subplaza. Reserved for groups greater than 100. Large, lecture-format auditorium, which seats 200. Closed Circuit broadcast possible, built-in presentation system. Video conferencing available. $200 $300
Room 30
Room 40
Room 50
Subplaza. Seats 114 in a lecture format. Built-in electronic classroom presentation systems. $100 $200
Room N160B
Room N160C
Plaza level. N160B -- small office setting for instructor and 1-2 students. N160C -- small meeting room with a table for 6-8 people. N/A N/A
Courtroom 170
Courtroom 180
Plaza. Seats 20-25. Reserved for courtroom-related classes/events. Built-in presentation system. Closed circuit broadcast and video conferencing available. $200 $300
Room N202
Room N204
Room N209
2nd Floor. Seats 16-20 around a conference table. Has built-in electronic classroom presentation systems with a screen, an LCD projector, ceiling mounted speakers, internet connected PC with a DVD/CD-RW drive, wireless keyboard and mouse. Telephone conferencing is available in Rooms N202 and N209. $100 $200
Room N203
2nd Floor. Seats 8-10 around a conference table. $100 $200
Student Org Conference Room (N20A)
Seats 16 around a conference table. Available only to law student organization groups. N/A N/A
Room 262
2nd Floor. Audio/Video conferencing room. Seats 16-20 around a conference table. Separate A/V Conferencing Fees Apply. $200 $300
Lindquist & Vennum Conference Room
3rd Floor. Conference and reception room in the Dean's Office suite. Seats 40-45 around an open square; additional configurations can be arranged by the department. Audio/Video available by request. N/A N/A
Room 471
Room 473
Room 475
4th Floor. Seats 20-25 around a conference table. All three rooms have built-in presentation system (an LCD projector, ceiling mounted speakers, internet-connected PC with a DVD/CD-RW drive, wireless keyboard and mouse). Room 473 and 475 have screens and 471 has a large, flat-screen TV. $100 $200
Auerbach Commons
Plaza. Lounge area adjacent to the entrance. Suitable for receptions up to 75; outside terrace accessible. $200 $300
Concourse and Commons
Spannaus Commons/Robins-Kaplan Concourse

Plaza, adjacent to the Institutes. Generally for Law School events, only. Seats a maximum of 120 people at round tables for a sit-down meal.
$250 $350
Dorsey Foyer
Plaza, main entrance. Generally for Law School events only. Suitable for receptions up to 100. $200 $300
Davis Faculty Common Room (339)
For faculty use only. N/A N/A
Lucille K. Dondore Lounge
$100 $200
Rottschaefer Lounge
Subplaza. Glass enclosed public area across from the elevator, with access to an outdoor plaza. $200 $300
SubPlaza Hall
$100 $200
Sullivan Cafe
Subplaza. A small dining area with accessibility to the outdoor Toyota Courtyard. Suitable for receptions up to 50. Not available during business hours. $200 $300




6 Ft Table


Sign Holders/Easel
User shall not affix any signs with tape, nails or staples to doors, walls, windows or glass in the Law Building. n/a

  $5 / chair

A Security Monitor shall be required if use of room(s) is after normal business hours, on weekends, or if the size of the group exceeds 200. $20 / hour

Audio Visual &
Educational Technology

Separate fees apply for use of Educational Technology/ Audio-Visual Assistance. Arrangements should be made by contacting lawedtec@umn.edu.

The scheduled use of the room includes use of any lectern- mounted microphone, accessible projectors or other accessible equipment. Many of the rooms have technology and support equipment permanently installed. A charge of $50/room will be assessed if accessible equipment is not turned off after use.

Use of the room does not include access to locked equipment or training on accessible equipment. Locked equipment can be accessed through hiring a technician to provide on-site support (additional fees apply). Projection booths are not included in room reservations and entry into these areas is not authorized.