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Rates for Non-Law School Events

These rates are charged for events not sponsored by the Law School

Item Rate
Technician Service $75/day University (outside Law School)
$100/day Non-Univ
Video Recording in the Law School $100/day (no video editing included)
Video Conferencing $100/day
Document Camera $50/day
DVD Player $40/day
Laser Pointer/Slide Advance $15/day
Microphones $45/day
Portable PA $50/day (includes 1 microphone)
Projector $100/day
Speaker with Phone $35/day

Audio Visual & Educational Technology Information:

Separate fees apply for use of Law School rooms. Be sure to make your reservation through the Room Reservation Form.

The scheduled use of the room includes use of any microphone, accessible equipment or projector. Many of the rooms have technology and support equipment permanently installed.

Use of the room does not include access to locked equipment or training on accessible equipment. Locked equipment can be accessed through hiring a technician to provide on-site support (additional fees apply). Projection booths are not included in room reservations and entry into these areas is not authorized.