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Recent Faculty Publications

This page highlights books, book chapters, and journal articles published in the last six months by the University of Minnesota Law School faculty. The results are generated from a database managed by Connie Lenz of the University of Minnesota Law Library. Please contact her at lenzx009@umn.edu with updates.

To find earlier books, book chapters, and journal articles, you may search by faculty member and/or by words in the publications' citations using the search box on the right. This search will retrieve only those works authored during the faculty member's tenure at the University of Minnesota Law School.

Be sure to visit current faculty members' bio pages for additional publications, including forthcoming works and those published prior to their tenure at the Law School.

    Most Recent:

    Publications sorted by date of entry into the database, not the date of publication.

  • David Weissbrodt, Fionnuala Ní Aoláin & Mary Rumsey, The Development of International Human Rights Law (Ashgate Publishing, 2014) (co-editor)

  • June Carbone & Naomi Cahn, Marriage Markets: How Inequality is Remaking the American Family (Oxford University Press, 2014)

  • Herbert M. Kritzer, Guangya Liu & Neil Vidmar, An Exploration of "Non-Economic" Damages in Civil Jury Awards, 55 William and Mary Law Review 971 (2014)

  • Gregory Shaffer & Charles Sutton, The Rise of Middle-Income Countries in the International Trading System, in Law and Development of Middle-Income Countries: Avoiding the Middle-Income Trap 59-83 (Randall Peerenboom & Tom Ginsburg, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2014)

  • Antony Duff, Who Must Presume Whom to Be Innocent of What?, 42 Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy 170 (2013)

  • Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, "Anything Can Happen:" Interpreting the 'End' of War, 49 Tulsa Law Review 569 (2013) (reviewing Thomas U. Berger, War, Guilt, and World Politics After World War II (Cambridge University Press, 2012), Larry May, After War Ends: A Philosophical Perspective (Cambridge University Press, 2012), and Kimberly Theidon, Intimate Enemies: Violence and Reconciliation in Peru (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013)) (review essay)

  • Lisa Bernstein & Francesco Parisi, Customary Law and Economics (Edward Elgar, 2014) (co-editor)

  • Tom Cotter, Reining in Remedies in Patent Litigation: Three (Increasingly Immodest) Proposals, 30 Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal 1 (2013)

  • Tom Cotter, Make No Little Plans: Response to Ted Sichelman, Purging Patent Law of Private Law Remedies, 92 Texas Law Review See Also 25 (2014)

  • Fionnuala Ní Aoláin & Dina Francesca Haynes, The Compatibility of Justice for Women with Jus Post Bellum Analysis, in Jus Post Bellum: Mapping the Normative Foundations 161-177 (Carsten Stahn, Jennifer S. Easterday & Jens Iverson, eds., Oxford University Press, 2014)

  • Tom Cotter, FTC v. Actavis, Inc.: When Is the Rule of Reason Not the Rule of Reason?, 15 Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology 41 (2014)

  • Ruth Okediji & Margo A. Bagley, Patent Law in Global Perspective (Oxford University Press, 2014) (co-editor)

  • Tom Cotter, A Research Agenda for the Comparative Law and Economics of Patent Remedies, in Patent Law in Global Perspective 637 (Ruth L. Okediji & Margo A. Bagley, eds., Oxford University Press, 2014)

  • Ruth Okediji, Public Welfare and the International Patent System, in Patent Law in Global Perspective (Ruth L. Okediji & Margo A. Bagley, eds., Oxford University Press, 2014)

  • Gregory Shaffer & Susan K. Sell, Transnational Legal Ordering and Access to Medicines, in Patent Law in Global Perspective 97-126 (Ruth L. Okediji & Margo A. Bagley, eds., Oxford University Press, 2014)

  • Hari Osofsky & Hannah J. Wiseman, Hybrid Energy Governance, 2014 University of Illinois Law Review 1 (2014)

  • Laura Cooper, Dennis R. Nolan, Richard A. Bales & Stephen Befort, ADR in the Workplace (West Academic Publishing, 3d ed., 2014)

  • Daniel Schwarcz, Transparently Opaque: Understanding the Lack of Transparency in Insurance Consumer Protection, 61 UCLA Law Review 394 (2014)

  • Richard Frase, Guest Editor's Observations: Recurring Policy Issue of Guidelines (and non-Guidelines) Sentencing: Risk Assessments, Criminal History Enhancements, and the Enforcement of Release Conditions, 26 Federal Sentencing Reporter 145-157 (2014)

  • Richard Frase, What's "Different" (Enough) in Eighth Amendment Law?, 11 Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law 9-36 (2013)

  • Allan Erbsen, Erie's Four Functions: Reframing Choice of Law in Federal Courts, 89 Notre Dame Law Review 579 (2013)

  • Laura Cooper, The Capstone Course in Labor and Employment Law: A Comprehensive Immersion Simulation Integrating Law, Lawyering Skills, and Professionalism, 58 Saint Louis University Law Journal (2013)

  • Brian Bix, Law and Reasons: Comments on Rodriguez-Blanco, 7 Problema 27 (2013)

  • Alexandra Klass, Tax Benefits, Property Rights, and Mandates: Considering the Future of Government Support for Renewable Energy, 20 Journal of Environmental and Sustainability Law 19 (2013)

  • Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, Naomi Cahn & Dina Haynes, Gender, Masculinities and Transition in Conflicted Societies, in Exploring Masculinities: Feminist Legal Theory Reflections 127-44 ( Martha Albertson Fineman & Michael Thomson, eds., Ashgate Publishing, 2013)

  • Oren Gross, Violating Divine Law: Emergency Measures in Jewish Law, in Extra-Legal Power and Legitimacy: Perspectives on Prerogative 52 (Clement Fatovic & Benjamin A. Kleinerman, eds., Oxford University Press, 2013)

  • Sandra M. Bucerius & Michael Tonry, The Oxford Handbook of Ethnicity, Crime, and Immigration (Oxford University Press, 2014) (co-editor)

  • Michael Tonry, Race, Ethnicity, Crime, and Immigration, in The Oxford Handbook of Ethnicity, Crime, and Immigration (Sandra M. Bucerius & Michael Tonry, eds., Oxford University Press, 2014)

  • Brian Bix, Contract Texts, Contract Teaching, Contract Law: Comment on Lawrence Cunningham, Contracts in the Real World, 88 Washington Law Review 1251 (2013)

  • Prentiss Cox & Laura Thomas, Law in Practice (West Academic Publishing, 2014)

  • David Weissbrodt, Roles and Responsibilities of Non-State Actors, in The Oxford Handbook of International Human Rights Law 719 (Dinah Shelton, ed., Oxford University Press, 2013)

  • Susanna Blumenthal, A Mania for Accumulation: The Plea of Moral Insanity in Gilded Age Will Contests, in Making Legal History: Essays in Honor of William E. Nelson 181 ( Daniel J. Hulsebosch & R. B. Bernstein, eds., New York University Press, 2013)

  • J.B. Ruhl, John Copeland Nagle, James Salzman & Alexandra Klass, The Practice and Policy of Environmental Law (Foundation Press, 3d ed., 2014)

  • Stephen Befort, An Empirical Analysis of Case Outcomes Under the ADA Amendments Act, 70 Washington & Lee Law Review 2027 (2013)

  • Barry Feld, The Youth Discount: Old Enough to Do the Crime, Too Young to Do the Time, 11 Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law 107 (2013)

  • Susan M. Wolf, Return of Individual Research Results and Incidental Findings: Facing the Challenges of Translational Science, 14 Annual Review of Genomics and Human Genetics 557-77 (2013)

  • Michael Tonry, "Nothing" Works: Sentencing "Reform" in Canada and the United States, 55 Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 465-79 (2013)

  • Wylie Burke, Susan M. Wolf & others, Recommendations for Returning Genomic Incidental Findings? We Need to Talk!, 15 Genetics in Medicine 854-59 (2013)

  • John Borrows, Aboriginal and Treaty Rights and Violence Against Women, 50 Osgoode Hall Law Journal 699 (2013)

  • Hari Osofsky & Jacqueline Peel, Litigation's Regulatory Pathways and the Administrative State: Lessons from U.S. and Australian Climate Change Governance, 25 Georgetown International Environmental Law Review 207 (2013)

  • Steven M. Davidoff & Claire Hill, Law and Economics of Mergers and Acquisitions (Edward Elgar, 2013) (co-editor)

  • John Matheson, Philip S. Garon & Michael S. Stanchfield, Corporation Law and Practice (Thomson Reuters, 3d ed., 2013)

  • Christina L. Kunz & Carol Chomsky, Contracts: A Contemporary Approach (West, 2010; 2d ed., 2013)

  • Jessica Clarke, Inferring Desire, 63 Duke Law Journal 525 (2013)

  • Michele Goodwin, Reproducing Hierarchy in Commercial Intimacy, 88 Indiana Law Journal 1289 (2013)

  • Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, What Does Postconflict Security Mean for Women?, in Gender, Violence, and Human Security: Critical Feminist Perspectives 33-49 (Aili Mari Tripp, Myra Marx Ferree & Christina Ewig, eds., NYU Press, 2013)

  • William McGeveran & Mark P. McKenna, Confusion Isn't Everything, 89 Notre Dame Law Review 253 (2013)

  • Tom Cotter & Jeffrey L. Harrison, Law and Economics: Positive, Normative and Behavioral Perspectives (West, 3d ed., 2014)

  • Michael Tonry, Crime and Justice in America: 1975-2025 (University of Chicago Press, 2013) (editor)

  • Michael Tonry, Sentencing in America, 1975-2025, in Crime and Justice in America, 1975-2025 (Michael Tonry, ed., University of Chicago Press, 2013)

  • Michael Tonry, Evidence, Ideology, and Politics in the Making of American Criminal Justice Policy, in Crime and Justice in America, 1975-2025 (Michael Tonry, ed., University of Chicago Press, 2013)

  • Jill Hasday, Women's Exclusion from the Constitutional Canon, 2013 University of Illinois Law Review 1715 (2013)

  • Daniel Schwarcz, Preventing Capture Through Consumer Empowerment Programs: Some Evidence from Insurance Regulation, in Preventing Regulatory Capture: Special Interest Influence and How to Limit It (Daniel Carpenter & David A. Moss, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2013)

  • Daniel Schwarcz, Monitoring, Reporting, and Recalling Defective Financial Products, 2013 University of Chicago Legal Forum 409 (2013)

  • William McGeveran, The Law of Friction, 2013 University of Chicago Legal Forum 15 (2013)

  • Michael Tonry, Understanding Crime Trends in Italy and Elsewhere, in Organized Crime, Corruption and Crime Prevention: Essays in Honor of Ernesto U. Savona (Stefano Caneppele & Francesco Calderoni, eds., Springer, 2013)

  • Joan Howland, A History of Legal History Courses Offered in American Law Schools, 53 American Journal of Legal History 363 (2013)

  • Robert Levy, Teaching Law Students, Judges, and the Community: Rational Sentencing Policies, 63 Journal of Legal Education 282 (2013)

  • Kevin Reitz, Comparing Sentencing Guidelines: Do US Systems Have Anything Worthwhile To Offer England and Wales?, in Sentencing Guidelines: Exploring the English Model (Andrew Ashworth & Julian V. Roberts, eds., Oxford University Press, 2013)

  • Barbara Luppi & Francesco Parisi, Jury Size and the Hung-Jury Paradox, 42 Journal of Legal Studies 399 (2013)