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University of Minnesota Law School
Legal Studies Research Paper Series

Faculty members at the University of Minnesota Law School are actively engaged in legal scholarship. They disseminate that scholarship through many media: law reviews, books and book chapters, treatises, case books, op-ed pieces, blogs, and so on.

Since 2002, one medium that they have used increasingly widely is the Legal Scholarship Network of the Social Science Research Network, or SSRN. Through SSRN, they make working papers and forthcoming articles available on the internet.

All of the papers by Minnesota faculty available on SSRN are listed below, with the paper's title, author, and its number in the University of Minnesota Law School Legal Studies Research Paper Series included. If you are interested in learning more about any paper, click on its title. That link will take you to the paper's abstract page on SSRN, where you can see a short description of the paper. If you want to download the full paper, for free, you can do so from there.

Many of these papers have since been updated or published in a journal or book. Please check with the author of the paper if you would like to find out whether a more recent version is available.

If you have any questions, please contact Kristyn Johnson at 612-626-0211, john7782@umn.edu, or call Brett McDonnell at 612-625-1373.

Minnesota faculty interested in submitting a paper for the series will find instructions and a submission form on Inside.Law (Access restricted resource icon login required).