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Haifang Yao

Visiting Scholar

Haifang Yao

N215 Mondale Hall
229–19th Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55455



Renmin University of China, B.A.
Renmin University of China, M.A.
Renmin University of China, Ph. D.

Professor Haifang Yao is a visiting scholar from Renmin University of China, where he is an associate professor in Law School. Before he joined the law school of RUC in 2008, he was the postdoctoral staff of Finance School of RUC.

His main research area is Business Law, especially in Business Corporation Law. His current research focuses on State-owned Enterprises Governance, Consumer Law and Real Estate Tax.

Professor Yao's published articles include: "On Purpose of Building Tax Reform: Macro-Control or Rule of Tax Law," Jurist, 3 (2011); "The Identification of 'Market Dominance' in 3Q Case," Cases Research, 4 (2010); "The Rule of State Law in Rural Property Dispute Resolution," Social Science, 9 (2010); "Regulation of Information in the Advertising Law," Politics and the Law, 5 (2010); "The Implementation of the Market Regulation and the Exercise of Accountability," Business Administration, 3 (2010); "The Dimension of the Ideal and the Reality: The Exploration of the Ownership Socialization," Capital Normal University (Social Science Edition), 5 (2008); "The Integration of the Macro-Control and Government Economic Behavior," Jurist, 3 (2008); "The Application of Law Regarding Rural Property Disputes," Cases Research, 6 (2007); "Theory and Practice of the State-Owned Tannery Reform," East China University of Politics and Law Journal, 1 (2005); "The Positioning of Commercial Law in Modern Society," Commercial Law Frontier, 1, 2 (2002).

Professor Yao's monographs include: Theoretical Research on the Subject of Economic Law Theory (China Legal Publishing House, 2011); The Interpretation and Implement of New Partnership Enterprise Law (China Legal Publishing House, 2007); Introduction to Economic Law (Renmin University Press, 3d ed. 2010) (Deputy Editor); Enterprise and Corporate Law (China Legal Publishing House, 2007) (co-editor).