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The Campaign For The University of Minnesota Law School

Chairs' Message

Dear Friends and Fellow Alumni:

The three of us have very different backgrounds and come from different generations, but we share a common connection: the University of Minnesota Law School.

Like many of you, we have benefited from the excellent legal education we received and are proud of our association with the Law School. We have witnessed firsthand how the school has maintained its traditions of academic excellence, dedication to public service and national ranking despite the obstacles along the way.

Under the leadership of Dean David Wippman, the Law School is making extraordinary efforts to enhance its reputation even further with innovative courses such as Law and Practice, a new leadership training program, new externships and field placements, and new clinics. The new Corporate Institute is connecting the legal profession with the business world and engaging Law School students, alumni and faculty from all over the University.

Students benefit from faculty research and scholarly work that contribute to problem-solving on a national and international scale. Their academic achievements continue to rise, and within the atmosphere of collegiality and engagement for which the Law School is known. They see the value of a legal education and are determined to earn their degree. But unlike those of us who had the benefit of state-subsidized tuition, many of today’s students face a high debt burden on graduation.

Co-Chair photo

Bruce W. Mooty (’80), Kris Erickson (’72), and
Elliot S. Kaplan (’61)

The Law School takes seriously its obligations to students. Dean Wippman and his team at the Law School are working hard to ensure that scholarships are available to students in need of financial support. The Career Center is focused on innovative ways to connect students with jobs when they graduate.

In short, the Law School truly is committed to excellence in teaching, legal research, and scholarship, and we share that commitment. All of us can play a part in the Law School’s continued success. Please join us by supporting GENERATIONS. The Campaign for the University of Minnesota Law School.

With best regards and sincere appreciation,
Bruce W. Mooty (’80), Chair
Kris Erickson (’72), Co-Vice Chair
Elliot S. Kaplan (’61), Co-Vice Chair