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The Campaign For The University of Minnesota Law School

Dean's Statement

For over 120 years, the University of Minnesota Law School has admitted great students and graduated great lawyers. Few law schools can match the University of Minnesota Law School’s storied history of innovative teaching, cutting-edge scholarship, and community service. For generations, the Law School has produced not just successful lawyers but also responsible and engaged citizens.

It is no secret that all law schools must now reckon with an unprecedented series of challenges facing the legal profession. Led by an inventive and highly productive faculty, we have begun addressing this changing climate through bold curricular innovations and distinctive centers of excellence aimed at giving our students an edge—at equipping them to be our next generation of legal, business, and community leaders across the globe.

Students are at the heart of the GENERATIONS campaign. We will invest in faculty to improve the student experience and the quality of education, but scholarships and other forms of student support are our highest priority. Until very recently, all students received "scholarships" in the form of state-supported low tuition. The imminent disappearance of virtually all state funding will drive tuition to new highs, placing an enormous burden on today’s students.

Dean Wippman

Beyond supporting our students, the campaign will put the Law School in a position to respond to our new financial reality. To maintain our excellence, to lead in curricular reform, and to continue to serve our students, alumni, and community at the highest level, the Law School must move swiftly to financial self-sufficiency.

We are deeply grateful for the volunteer contributions and financial support provided by our loyal alumni. We need both our alumni and our friends to step forward now as full partners in supporting the next generation.

David Wippman, Dean and William S. Pattee Professor of Law