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The Campaign For The University of Minnesota Law School

An Anonymous Donor Gives Back

MARCH 25, 2014—As a former member of the Law School Board of Advisors, this donor understood how the student experience was moving away from the former economic model: low tuition, subsidized by funds from the state of Minnesota. As the state removed itself more and more from the equation, students were asked to make up the difference, causing dramatic tuition increases. Today, money for scholarships is essential to the Law School’s ability to recruit a talented and motivated 1L class every year. "These aspiring lawyers are facing serious challenges in paying for Law School," the donor says. "The obvious response is that students are taking on more loans—and I want to help mitigate that debt load."

This generous alumnus was intrigued by a matching gift opportunity provided by the Robina Foundation. "When I learned that Robina would match my commitment to give $5,000 per year for three years, I immediately made a pledge that doubled the impact of my philanthropy for current students. Each year, $10,000 is made available for scholarships that replace loan obligations."

Recently, the donor learned that Robina also matches three-year pledges of $20,000 per year. "I had some extra cash flow as part of my compensation package from my firm, so I decided to extend my pledge for a second three-year period at the higher rate," he says. "My gifts and the matching funds generate a total of $40,000 per year. I could not afford to do it by myself, but with the Robina match, I am funding a full scholarship for a Law School student. My investment in the next generation of our profession is a source of satisfaction for me, and I feel good that I can help reduce the debt load of current students."