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The Campaign For The University of Minnesota Law School

Class of 2012: Unrestricted Giving

JULY 9, 2012—Continuing a tradition that began last year, the Class of 2012 made individual five-year pledges to the Partners in Excellence Annual Fund their class gift to the Law School. Led by Anne Fuchs and Jenna Cieslak, the class achieved an impressive 48% participation rate—more than double the general alumni participation rate of 18%. Their hard work and generosity set the bar high for the entire alumni community.

The Class of 2011 introduced the five-year pledge initiative last year in response to the loss of state funding and the Law School's need to transition to a self-sustaining funding model. About one-fourth of the class participated.

In recognition of the Class of 2012's incredible achievement, the Law School will give a one-time $5,000 public interest fellowship to a member of the class in the fall of 2012, and it will refurbish the Lucille K. Dondore lounge in the subplaza. Input from many members of the class indicates that a fellowship and remodeling of a favorite student hangout are appropriate ways to honor the Class of 2012.

The members of the Class of 2012 have made a great investment of time and money in their legal education; many graduate with a six-figure debt. Their pledge of additional support for years to come demonstrates the value they place on their Law School education. In turn, the Law School pledges to support and encourage graduates through the duration of their professional and personal lives by investing in programs and initiatives that keep them connected to classmates, to alumni of different generations, to current students, to staff and faculty, and ultimately, to their law school.