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Mooty Family: Unrestricted Giving

Mooty Family: Unrestricted Giving

AUGUST 8, 2012—David Mooty (’78) and Jeanne Hirschey Mooty (’79) met as students at the Law School. Their chance encounter seemed destined to be, and 34 years and 4 children later, they’re still sharing interests and experiences.

After graduation, Jeanne started her own firm, Gustafson & Mooty. David practiced at Gray Plant Mooty and later taught legal courses at both William Mitchell College of Law and Hamline University School of Law. Eventually Jeanne went on to work at her brother's company, and David and his dad, John Mooty (’44), jointly purchased what today is Prestwick Golf Club in Woodbury, Minn. Jeanne and David own and operate it and the clubhouse restaurant, David’s Chophouse.

The Mooty family tradition of attending the Law School continued with David and Jeanne's daughter, Brianna (’10), an associate with Gray Plant Mooty currently adding to her education at New York University School of Law. Recently the three of them made the decision to include the Law School in their estate plan. "The Law School has meant a great deal to my family," says David, "so when my brother [Bruce Mooty, ’80] asked if we would be willing to make a gift, I knew it was something we’d like to do." They make their gift because the Law School is important, to all the Mootys, David says, but also "in part because of the fine work Dean Wippman is doing.”

Their careers have led them to various places, and they are grateful for the legal education that helped them navigate whatever waters they've faced. "My law degree has been a positive factor in my life," Jeanne says, and David adds, "There's clearly a legal approach to any problem that is very logical and rational and helps you work your way through the process."