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Student Support: Jim and Julie Chosy

Scholarship Support: Jim and Julie Chosy

DECEMBER 9, 2011—Jim (’89) Chosy and Julie Chosy (’90) are the kind of people any community would be lucky to have, believers in the "it takes a village" philosophy of community support. They look for ways to give back however they can, whether through volunteerism or financial gifts, and the Law School is the fortunate beneficiary of both.

During fiscal year 2010, Jim and Julie served as national chairs of the Partners in Excellence Annual Fund. This year, Jim is chair of the Board of Advisors' Development Committee and chair-elect of the Board of Advisors.

The couple has made a generous financial contribution to the Law School as well. They believe that higher education should be accessible for all who seek it, and toward that end they donated to the Robina Scholarship Fund. They did so knowing their donation will be generously matched dollar-for-dollar by the Robina Foundation. The combined gifts will provide a full scholarship for all three years of a student’s Law School education.

Part of what motivated them was learning that the typical law student today graduates with a debt in excess of $90,000. When Jim and Julie enrolled at the Law School in 1986 and 1987, resident tuition was approximately $3,100.Today it is $34,817. Jim calls the financial burden "heartbreaking" and reflects on how much he and Julie benefited from state support and relatively low tuition for their educations.

They look forward to supporting students who, like themselves, know the value of their education, appreciate it, and use it to "make something of themselves and help their communities." They’ve been consistently impressed with the Law School students they’ve had the opportunity to meet. Students today seem "more purposeful, which is to their great credit," Jim comments.

It’s easy to see why Jim and Julie are such an asset to the legal community. They are grateful and excited to be part of the Law School’s history and dedicated to sharing their good fortune with the next generation. It will be fun, Jim says, to "look back and think we had a small part in helping the school become a self-sufficient, world-class institution known for excellence."