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The Campaign For The University of Minnesota Law School

Partners in Excellence
Annual Fund

Dear Fellow Alumni:

Have you ever paused in the midst of your busy life to reflect on all the opportunities your law degree from the University of Minnesota Law School has provided you?

Have you also marveled at the many relationships formed during law school that continue in your life today?

As I approach my 40-year reunion this coming spring, I have been reflecting on these questions, and feel incredibly grateful, as I imagine you do too, for the many benefits that have accrued to me from attending the University of Minnesota Law School.

As National Chair of the 2013-2014 Partners in Excellence Annual Fund, I am requesting your support for the Law School. Gratitude alone is sufficient reason to give, and is certainly an important reason why I personally am a donor. More importantly, however, the Law School is at a pivotal moment in its 125-year history, and needs our support.

The world of legal education has changed since the Law School opened its doors in the fall of 1888, and dramatically so within the last decade. Top tier public university law schools, including the University of Minnesota Law School, are no longer heavily subsidized by taxpayers. Funding from the State of Minnesota now covers a very small percentage of the School’s budget, and goes exclusively to fund the Law Library. In-state tuition now exceeds $40,000 per year, and many students graduate with six-figure debt from Law School.

During this special 125th anniversary year we, as alumni, have a great opportunity to reflect not only on what the Law School has done for us personally, but also on how it has transformed our communities and world for the better through the lawyers and leaders it graduates.

We have set an ambitious goal of raising $1 million for the Partners in Excellence Annual Fund, which is an increased level of annual support that will help the Law School sustain its tradition of excellence while providing the flexibility needed to respond to new challenges and opportunities that arise in this new era.

Pooled together, our gifts of all sizes will help the Law School reach this goal and to provide more scholarships, recruit the very best faculty, and expand clinical and other innovative course offerings that prepare students for success in a challenging job market. Our support ensures that today's students and future generations have access to the same world-class legal training that you and I received, and that the Law School’s reputation remains strong.

Please join me in providing your support for the Law School today as we continue to build on 125 years of success.


 Gary J. Haugen

Gary J. Haugen (’74)
2013-14 National Chair, Partners in Excellence Annual Fund


P.S. Consider making a gift of $18.88 or $125 to honor the Law School's 125th anniversary, or more if you're able. Your participation matters and gifts of all sizes are appreciated. Giving is quick and easy online at http://giving.umn.edu/lawschool.