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Advisors & Staff

Academic Advisors

Professor Dale Carpenter
Constitutional law and sexual orientation and the law

Professor Marsha A. Freeman
International Women's Rights

Professor Jennifer M. Green
International human rights clinic

Professor Oren Gross
International trade, international law, and national security law

Professor William McGeveran
Privacy law, intellectual property law, Internet law, and civil procedure

Clinical Professor Stephen Meili
Asulum law, immigration and human rights

Professor Fred L. Morrison
Constitutional law, international law, local government, and comparative public law

Professor Fionnuala D. Ní Aoláin
International law and human rights law

Professor Christopher Roberts
Torts, human rights law, legal history, administrative law, social policy, citizenship, law and social science, social theory

Professor Kristi Rudelius-Palmer
Human rights, education and training, Human Rights Center

Clinical Professor Jean M. Sanderson
Family law and criminal law

Emeritus Clinical Professor Stephen M. Simon
Clinical education and judicial education

Professor Robert A. Stein
Estate planning, trusts and estates, and international rule of law

Professor Laura Thomas
Family law

Clinical Professor Carl M. Warren
Clinical instruction, civil rights moot court

Professor David Weissbrodt
International human rights law, Human Rights Center

Human Rights Center & Law School Staff

Artemis Ahmadi
Professional Development Coordinator

Khary Hornsby
Director, International and Graduate Programs

Natela Jordan
Humphrey Fellowship Program Assistant Director

Mirela Miresan
Professional Development Advisor

Professor Fionnuala D. Ní Aoláin
Fellowship Program Faculty Advisor
Dorsey & Whitney Chair in Law

Vicky Nguyen
Humphrey Fellowship Program Administrator

Kristi Rudelius-Palmer
Humphrey Fellowship Program Director
Human Rights Center Co-director

Marika Straw
Humphrey Fellowship Program Administrative Assistant

David Weissbrodt
Fellowship Program Faculty Advisor
Regents Professor
Fredrikson and Byron Professor of Law
Human Rights Center Co-director