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Professional Affiliations

All Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows are required to complete a minimum of one six-week professional affiliation with a host organization during their Fellowship year. The purpose of a professional affiliation is to provide Humphrey Fellows with the opportunity to engage in hands-on work with their professional counterparts in the United States.

During their affiliations, Fellows undertake activities that enhance their professional experiences and help them gain practical skills and training. The benefit is mutual, because the Fellows contribute their expertise and service to the host organizations. Examples include assisting in developing a training program, conducting a study, developing a marketing plan, studying or proposing policy or implementation guidelines, and providing an international perspective on programs or products.

Professional affiliations may be completed at a local organization in Minnesota or at non-local organization elsewhere in the United States. Professional affiliations provide a unique opportunity for professional growth and cultural exchange, and many Fellows choose to complete more than one affiliation during their Fellowship Year.

Professional Affiliations Photo

2011-12 Humphrey Fellows and staff in front of the Hubert H. Humphrey statue at the Minneapolis Government Center