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LL.M. Admissions

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LL.M. Program

Top Public Law School in a Vibrant Location

Combine one of America's best law schools with one of its top cities and you have The University of Minnesota Law School. The Law School is located near downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the banks of the picturesque Mississippi River. Annually recognized by leading publications as one of America's best cities, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are home to 19 Fortune 500 companies (including General Mills, 3M, Target Corp. and Medtronic), federal and state government, hundreds of public interest and human rights organizations and world class arts and recreational opportunities. It is clear why so many international attorneys and scholars choose the University of Minnesota Law School.

A Personalized & Rigorous International Experience

The University of Minnesota Law School LL.M. program provides foreign lawyers with a rigorous academic experience, exposing them to a broad array of legal skills and knowledge. The Office of International and Graduate Programs and the Career Center provides individual support to each LL.M. student throughout every step of their Law School experience, from application to graduation and beyond.

Business Law Program

The Law School has expanded its renowned LL.M. program to provide foreign business lawyers with a rigorous business law experience that exposes them to a broad array of legal skills and knowledge crucial to the global practice of business law. View more information here.

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