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Minnesota Law Student Wins Equal Justice Award

The 2006 Equal Justice Award will be presented to Jennifer C. Johnson, a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota Law School, for her paper entitled “Race-Based Housing Importunities: The Disparate Impact of Realistic Group Conflict.” The award will be presented at the Minnesota Women Lawyers Annual Meeting on June 7. Congratulations to Jennifer for her outstanding work!

All Minnesota Law Students were invited to submit an article or essay written on an important legal or social topic involving issues of justice and equality. The papers are reviewed by a panel that includes a professor from each of the law schools. Professor Carol Chomsky, a Past-President of Minnesota Women Lawyers, has served on the panel of judges since the award’s inception.

Historically, all but two of the recipients of this award have been University of Minnesota Law School students! Past Award Recipients include:

1991 Kent Williams (University of Minnesota; Property Rights Protection Under Article I, Section 10 of the Minnesota Constitution: A Rationale for Providing Possessory Crimes Defendants with Automatic Standing to Challenge Unreasonable Searches and Seizures)
1993 Karen A. Brooks (Hamline University; The New Stalking Laws: Are They Adequate to End Violence?)
1994 Margaret Hobday (University of Minnesota; A Constitutional Response to the Realities of intimate Violence: Minnesota's Domestic Homicide Statute)
1995 Robin Preble (University of Minnesota; Family Violence and Family Property: A proposal for Reform)
  Johanna Bond (University of Minnesota; Postmodern Insight into the Rigidity of Gender Categories: The Case for Prohibiting the Sexual Harassment of Gay Men and Lesbian Women)
1996 Nancy Brasel (University of Minnesota; Taking Back Equal Protection: Virginia Military Institute, Real Women, and Real Choices)
1997 Sandra R. Levitsky (University of Minnesota; Footnote 55: Closing the 'Bisexual Defense' Loophole in Title VII Sexual Harassment Cases)
1998 Cynthia Frost (University of Minnesota; Shahar v. Bowers: that girl just didn't have good sense!)
1999 Jill C. Robertson (University of Minnesota; Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace: An Employer's Responsibility)
2000 Heidi Johnson (University of Minnesota; Against Their Will: The Trafficking of Women for Prostitution in Southern Asia)
2001 Nicole Saharsky (University of Minnesota; Consistency as a Constitutional Value: A Comparative Look at Age in Abortion and Death Penalty Jurisprudence)
2002 Maura Shuttleworth (University of Minnesota; No Remedy: The Under-representation of Women in Political Office and the Absence of a Voting Rights Act for Women.)
2003 No Award Presented
2004 Jennifer Fischer (University of Minnesota; The Americans with Disabilities Act: Correcting Discrimination of Persons with Mental Disabilities in the Pre-Trial Process)

Amy Draeger (Hamline University School of Law; The Asylum Narrative: Retelling Torture in America)

For more information, please see the official website for the MWL Equal Justice Award.

Portrait of Jennifer C. Johnson