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Final Week: Alumni Annual Giving Pushes for Record-Breaking Goal

June 24, 2008—With the end of the fiscal year approaching, the Law School is very close to meeting the Partners in Excellence Annual Fund goal. Although annual giving is up 45% from last year, the $750,000 goal has not been reached. Alumni Relations is asking 200 new donors to step up and donate any amount to meet that goal.

The Annual Giving campaign is one of the cornerstone funds used to provide students with the rigorous curriculum and diverse clinic opportunities that distinguish the University of Minnesota Law School.

To participate in the final week of this year's Annual Giving campaign, please donate online or call 612-626-5363 today. If you wish, you can direct your donation to any program or organization at the Law School.

If you have already joined your fellow Law School alumni in donating, thank you for being a Partner in Excellence!


Your gifts to the Law School are essential for the education of the next generation.