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Conference to Study Future of Regional-Level Investment and Commercial Banks

August 11, 2010—This fall the Law School will host the first in a series of conferences designed to foster meaningful dialogue about the future of the financial services industry and to inform and influence market participants, policy makers, and regulators.

The conference, “Too Small to Save? The Future of Regional and Community Banking in the Aftermath of the Financial Crisis” will be held on November 15. It will focus on investment and commercial banks operating at the regional and community level.

The large banks received a lot of attention during the nation’s recent financial turmoil but, conference planners note, the financial system is composed of and dependent on institutions of all sizes and financial markets that must establish and maintain investor confidence. The conference will address the question: Are investment and community banks, lacking the scale of the “too big to fail” institutions, being overlooked as “too small to save”?

Panels composed of investment and commercial banking executives, advisors, and professionals from regional and community banking will analyze the impact of the financial crisis on smaller institutions. Audience contributions will be welcomed. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in examining public policies and their effects, in studying changes in the industry and the economic environment in which it operates, and in recommending possible solutions.

The conference will be of interest to banking officers, directors, and employees; institutional investors; economists; advisors; lawyers; and others involved in finance and business. Morning sessions will focus primarily on commercial bank issues and afternoon sessions on investment bank issues, but participants are encouraged to attend all sessions because of the increasingly interrelated nature of regional banks’ businesses.

After the conference, a summary of the proceedings, including specific issues identified for further discussion and commentary on regional banks’ market and regulatory challenges and opportunities, will be posted on the Law School Web site.

The event is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Alexis Lundgren (’11) at lund1291@umn.edu.