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Faculty News

for April, 2009

Prof. Gross Publishes a CNN Commentary on Torture

April 30, 2009

Prof. Oren Gross, an expert on international law and national security, published a Commentary with CNN about the use of torture in interrogation of suspected terrorists.

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Weissbrodt Quoted in Star Tribune Op/Ed

April 27, 2009

Professor David Weissbrodt was quoted in an opinion piece in the Minneapolis Star Tribune about the 35W bridge collapse settlements. The article supported the work of the Special Masters Panel that distributed $36.6 million to the survivors of the 13 people killed and those who were injured. In his comments about the process, Weissbrodt said, "Minnesota has done this in the best standard about being concerned about the humanitarian results."

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Prof. Hall Quoted in L.A. Times Story on Plan B

April 6, 2009

Professor Ralph Hall was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article regarding Plan B. The article involves a recent federal district court opinion striking down certain FDA restrictions on distribution of Plan B — the so-called "morning after" pill. Professor Hall commented on FDA's options following this decision.

Cribari Quoted on RNC-8 Conspiracy Case

April 1, 2009

Professor Stephen J. Cribari was quoted in an article in The Minnesota Independent about the pending case against the so-called RNC Eight arrested in the days prior to the GOP Convention last summer. Commenting on why conspiracy charges may be favored by prosecutors, he said: "If (the defendants) are members of the conspiracy — and the act was done during the conspiracy and in order to further the conspiracy — all the conspirators are deemed to have done the act."