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Faculty News

for August, 2007

Orfield in Star Tribune on School Resegregation

August 31, 2007

Associate Professor and Executive Director of the Institute on Race & Poverty, Myron Orfield was recently quoted in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on the pattern of school resegregation in the state of Minnesota. Orfield's comments included, "The state's segregation rules were substantially weakened in the late '90s. We used to be one of the very best places in the country on this issue (school integration), and now we're average."

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Carpenter on NPR

August 31, 2007

Professor Carpenter was on National Public Radio's "Day to Day" program discussing the recent scandal involving Idaho Senator Larry Craig.

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Simon quoted in LA Times and Other News Media

August 31, 2007

Professor Simon was interviewed on MSNBC on Thursday August 30 and was quoted in the Los Angeles Times, The Idaho Statesman, USA Today and several other news media in the past week regarding the arrest of Senator Larry Craig at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in early June on charges of Invasion of Privacy and Disorderly Conduct. Senator Craig has indicated that he may seek to withdraw his guilty plea to the Disorderly Conduct charge. Professor Simon commented on the legal framework in Minnesota regarding the withdrawal of a guilty plea by a defendant in Minnesota.

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Schwarcz Quoted on Minnesota Public Radio

August 30, 2007

Professor Daniel Schwarcz was quoted on Minnesota Public Radio in a news report entitled "Floods Leave Victims High and Dry When it Comes to Insurance Coverage." The piece discussed why insurers do not currently provide coverage for losses stemming from natural disasters such as the flash floods that recently hit areas in Minnesota. It also touched on the prospect of legally requiring insurers to provide such coverage.

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Feld Interviewed on Wall Street Journal Law Blog

August 30, 2007

Prof. Barry Feld was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal Law Blog about the criminal procedure issues raised by the recent arrest and guilty plea of Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho.

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Cox Noted in The New Republic

August 27, 2007

Professor Prentiss Cox was quoted in an article in The New Republic about bank regulation and consumer protection. The article "The Nefarious Bureaucrat Who's Helping Banks Rip You Off," focused on a case litigated by Professor Cox when he was a Minnesota Assistant Attorney General, State of Minnesota v. Fleet Mortgage Corp. The case involved issues of the competing jurisdiction over bank subsidiaries among state attorneys general and the Federal Trade Commission on one side, and the Office of Comptroller of the Currency on the other side.

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Stras Appears on Minnesota Public Radio

August 27, 2007

Professor Stras appeared on Minnesota Public Radio’s Midmorning regarding the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. He spoke about potential replacements for the position as well as the political implications of the resignation on the Bush administration.

Hickman Finds Treasury Noncompliance with APA

August 20, 2007

Kristin Hickman's study in the June 2007 Notre Dame Law Review questions the Treasury Department's compliance with its procedural obligations under the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) and analyzes the government's frequent violation of APA rules when issuing Treasury regulations interpreting the Internal Revenue Code. Hickman's study finds that Treasury did not comply with APA notice and comment requirements in 40.9% of the projects studied. According to Hickman's jurisprudential analysis, exceptions to the APA requirements generally do not excuse the noncompliance, leaving many Treasury regulations prone to legal challenge. An article published in Tax Notes, "Study Finds Treasury Isn't Complying with Procedure Act," discusses Hickman's analysis. The Tax Notes article also surveys reactions from prominent tax practitioners as well as Treasury spokesman Andrew DeSouza's response that the Treasury and the IRS comply fully with the APA and will continue to follow their practices.

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Washburn Elected to American Law Institute

August 15, 2007

With a nomination by former Dean Robert Stein and the encouragement of Interim Dean Fred Morrison and several other ALI members across the country, Professor Kevin Washburn was elected to membership in the American Law Institute, joining several more senior members of the University of Minnesota Law faculty who have also been so honored. The organization is a working institute composed of practitioners, judges and scholars, in which members participate in the development and restatement of the law. Members are elected based on their past professional achievements and their demonstrated interest in improving the law. University of Minnesota Law Professor Kevin Reitz is currently a reporter for the ALI, working on sentencing reform.

Stein Elected At-Large Delegate to ABA

August 14, 2007

Professor Robert A. Stein, Everett Fraser Professor of Law and former dean of the Law School, was elected Delegate At-Large to the House of Delegates, the policy-making body of the American Bar Association, at the ABA's Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Six Delegates At-Large are elected at each annual meeting to serve three-year terms in the House of Delegates. Professor Stein is the immediate past executive director of the ABA, the largest voluntary professional association in the world with more than 400,000 members. The ABA’s mission is to serve the public and represent the legal profession by promoting justice, professional excellence, and respect for the law.

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Stras Quoted in LA & San Francisco Daily Journals

August 6, 2007

In a story written by Brent Kendall that appeared in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journals, Professor Stras discussed Justice Thomas's jurisprudence. In particular, Professor Stras was quoted regarding Justice Thomas's use of originalism in his judicial opinions and Justice Thomas's views on constitutional law.

Dean Morrison Quoted on ABC News

August 3, 2007

Dean Fred L. Morrison was quoted in an ABC News online article entitled “Bridge Collapse: Who's at Fault?” The article discusses the possibilities of liability and lawsuits to follow the I-35W bridge collapse and looks furthermore at who is responsible. Dean Morrison talks about the Minnesota state law limiting liability recovery and the barring of certain types of claims.

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