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Faculty News

for December, 2008

Gross on WCCO Discussing Gaza Strip Situation

December 29, 2008

Professor Oren Gross discussed on WCCO-TV's "Good Question" the current situation in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli military operation against Hamas and its implications for Israel, the Palestinians, the region and the United States.

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Stras Receives Joint Appointment in Political Science Dept.

December 29, 2008

David R. Stras, associate professor and co-director of the Institute for Law and Politics at the University of Minnesota Law School, has been given a joint appointment, as an affiliated associate professor, in the University’s Department of Political Science. Stras has returned to Minnesota after a visiting professorship at Washington University Law School during the fall 2008 semester.

Cox on MPR Discussing Foreclosures

December 12, 2008

Professor Prentiss Cox was on the Midmorning show on Minnesota Public Radio to discuss the continued crisis with mortgage foreclosures and the listing of four Minnesota exurban counties among the top 50 counties in the nation with the highest foreclosure rates. Professor Cox appeared on MPR news shows on December 2, 2008 and December 9, 2008 to discuss related issues.

Professor Cox also was quoted in a story on foreclosures in the November 14, 2008 issue of Minneapolis Saint Paul Business Journal.

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Professor Younger Quoted in Minnesota Law & Politics

December 5, 2008

Professor Judith T. Younger was quoted in the October/November issue of Minnesota Law & Politics in an article on the estate of James H. Binger ('41). Binger's family disputes removal of valuable Minneapolis property from his bequest to the Robina Foundation, which Binger created to oversee use of his estate to fund creative, transformative projects. The University of Minnesota Law School is one of the four institutions Binger selected to receive Robina Foundation support.

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Prof. Stratton Interviewed for WCCO-TV News on Sex Harassment & Retaliation Case

December 4, 2008

Professor Lisa Stratton was interviewed by Darcy Pohland for a news segment on WCCO television regarding recently-filed sex harassment and retaliation lawsuits against the Minneapolis Hilton. Prof. Stratton commented on the allegations and the policy of encouraging employees to report harassment to their employers.

Prof. Susan Wolf Awarded MacArthur Foundation (Law & Neuroscience) Grant

December 3, 2008

Professor Susan Wolf has been awarded a grant by the MacArthur Foundation’s Law and Neuroscience Project for a one-year study on “How Should Neuroscience Change Law? Lessons from the Impact of Genetics and Emerging Convergence of Genomics and Neuroscience.” She will examine the use of neuroscientific and behavioral genetics evidence in the criminal courtroom.

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