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for December, 2012

Prof. Wolf Quoted in Boston Globe on Genome Sequencing in Newborns

December 29, 2012

Professor Susan Wolf was quoted in a Boston Globe article on whole genome sequencing in newborns. "A tangled debate centers on newborns' DNA" quotes Wolf on issues raised by newborn sequencing, including the fact that parents rather than newborns themselves are consenting. Genetic testing in children has historically been limited to testing that is of health importance before the child achieves the age of majority, allowing the child to make any further testing decisions later. Genome sequencing in newborns challenges this approach and raises difficult issues concerning return of results and incidental findings, the focus of multiple NIH-funded projects on which Wolf has served as Principal Investigator. She is currently writing a book on this topic funded by a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Award.

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Prof. Painter Appears on MSNBC and CNN Regarding NRA's Influence on Gun Control

December 26, 2012

Professor Richard Painter appeared on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" on December 20 and MSNBC's "The Last Word" hosted by Lawrence O'Donnell on December 21 to discuss the political control of the National Rifle Association that he observed while serving in the White House Counsel's office (2005-07) during the Bush administration and how that control has continued to increase. Painter was invited to be a guest after the December 19 publication of his Op-Ed piece in the New York Times online edition.

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Prof. Carpenter's Book Flagrant Conduct on NYT's 100 Notable Books of 2012

December 26, 2012

Professor Dale Carpenter's book, Flagrant Conduct: The Story of Lawrence v. Texas, was selected by the editors of the New York Times Book Review as one of the 100 Notable Books of 2012.

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Prof. Carpenter Quoted on Politics in Minnesota Website

December 21, 2012

Professor Dale Carpenter was quoted in a Politics in Minnesota article entitled "Session ’13 Politics: Let the Games Begin." Carpenter was quoted about gay marriage possibly being resolved by the Supreme Court and if that would affect Minnesota law.

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Prof. Frase Publishes New Book

December 20, 2012

Oxford University Press has published Professor Richard Frase's latest book, Just Sentencing: Principles and Procedures for a Workable System. The book presents a hybrid sentencing model that combines widely-endorsed normative principles with proven procedures inspired by the best state sentencing guidelines systems. The model's theoretical structure is an expanded version of limiting retributivism: the offender's blameworthiness sets upper and lower limits on sentence severity, within which crime control and other non-retributive purposes and limitations of punishment are applied. Almost all of the model's procedures and many of its normative principles have been successfully implemented in Minnesota and several other guidelines states; the core principles and procedures of the model have also been endorsed in model sentencing codes and standards. The book provides a strong defense of these state systems and models, and a detailed template for achievable and much-needed sentencing reform in other states.

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Prof. Schwarcz Interviewed on Insurance after Hurricane Sandy

December 20, 2012

Professor Daniel Schwarcz was interviewed for a story on Bankrate.com about the "anti-concurrent causation clause," found in many homeowners insurance policies, and Hurricane Sandy.

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Prof. Painter Publishes Op-Ed in New York Times on NRA "Protection Racket"

December 19, 2012

Professor Richard Painter published an op-ed in the New York Times on-line edition about the excessive influence of the National Rifle Association on the Republican Party.

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Prof. Feld Interviewed on NPR Dallas Affiliate on New Book

December 17, 2012

Professor Barry Feld was interviewed on the National Public Radio Dallas affiliate KERA Radio program "Think" about his new book Kids, Cops, and Confessions: Inside the Interrogation Room (NYU Press 2012). Click here to listen.

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Prof. Feld Publishes Two Books

December 13, 2012

Professor Barry Feld has recently published two books. New York University Press published Feld's Kids, Cops, and Confessions: Inside the Interrogation. In this richly detailed empirical study, Feld draws on remarkable data of 307 interrogations of 16- and 17-year old youths charged with felony offenses, and he analyzes tapes and transcripts, police reports, juvenile court filings and sentences, and probation and sentencing reports to describe what actually happens in the interrogation room. He also contrasts routine interrogation and false confessions to enable police, lawyers, and judges to identify interrogations that require enhanced scrutiny, to adopt policies to protect citizens, and to assure reliability and integrity of the justice system. One of Feld's earlier books, Juvenile Justice Administration in a Nutshell, has also been translated into Chinese by Gao Weijan.

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Prof. Cooper Appears in Documentary on Justice Rosalie E. Wahl

December 11, 2012

A recently released documentary, "Girl from Birch Creek," about Rosalie E. Wahl, the first woman named to the Minnesota Supreme Court in 1977, includes portions of the video-recorded oral history interview that Professor Laura Cooper conducted with Justice Wahl in 1994. The feature-length documentary by Lightshed Productions is narrated by Nina Totenberg, written and directed by Emily Haddad (’77), and produced by John Kaul and Haddad.

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Prof. Shaffer Publishes Two Books

December 10, 2012

Professor Greg Shaffer has published two new books, Transnational Legal Ordering and State Change (Cambridge University Press), and a translation of his earlier work into Portuguese entitled Os Desafios de Vencer Na OMC (Editora Saraiva) (with Michelle Ratton Sanchez and Barbara Rosenberg).

Prof. Gross Speaks on Access MN on Gaza Ceasefire and U.N. Vote on Palestine

December 9, 2012

Professor Oren Gross was interviewed on Access Minnesota radio for a two-part program entitled "Gaza Ceasefire and the U.N. Vote on Palestine." Host Jim du Bois interviewed Gross on the recent conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, the United Nations vote to recognize Palestine as an observer state, and Egypt's rocky transition to democracy and new constitution.

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Prof. Kirtley Quoted in Star Tribune on Protecting Unpopular Speech

December 8, 2012

Professor Jane Kirtley was quoted by Jon Tevlin in his Star Tribune column on two free speech issues: restrictions on proselytising at a holiday lights display in a Duluth park, and a Crow Wing County ordinance on adult businesses. Kirtley described how governments try to suppress speech they disfavor. "The First Amendment is there to protect exactly the speech you don't like. When it's speech you like, then we don't need the amendment," she said.

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Prof. Wolf to Present on Return of Results from Biobanks

December 6, 2012

Professor Susan Wolf will present at the Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R) annual conference on research ethics in San Diego on the question of whether researchers and biobanks have responsibilities to return of research results and incidental findings to individuals who contribute their data and specimens to genetic and genomic research. PRIM&R is a leading national organization supporting Institutional Review Boards and others involved in promoting the ethical conduct of human subjects research. The 2012 annual conference will bring together nearly 3,000 individuals from hospitals, universities, and other research institutions, the federal government, and industry.

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Prof. Befort Quoted by MPR on Mankato Football Coach

December 4, 2012

Professor Stephen Befort was quoted in a Minnesota Public Radio article on the possible return to work of Minnesota State University Mankato football coach Todd Hoffner, following the dismissal of criminal charges that alleged he had recorded pornographic videos on a university-provided phone. Befort explained that it is not unusual for an employer to wait for the outcome of criminal charges before concluding its own employment-related investigation. Befort stated that under the term's of Hoffner's employment contract, "the question is whether or not they have good, objective grounds to terminate him." Befort went on to state that the fact that Hoffner is not being prosecuted criminally undercuts that likelihood.

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Prof. Monahan Quoted in New York Times on Rhode Island Pension Case

December 4, 2012

Professor Amy Monahan was quoted in a New York Times article regarding a pending case in Rhode Island challenging broad changes to public employee pensions in the state. The article stated: "Rhode Island's effort is 'the clearest example of fundamental pension reform that we have right now,' Ms. Monahan said. 'Even though whatever Rhode Island decides doesn't serve as actual precedent for other states, other states and cities still want to know if it can work.'"

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Prof. Painter Quoted in Thomson Reuters on Recusal by Justice Breyer

December 3, 2012

Professor Richard Painter was quoted in a Thomson Reuters article on Justice Stephen Breyer's decision to recuse from an important environmental case in which his brother, a federal district judge, had sat on the circuit court appellate panel. Painter questioned whether recusal was really necessary in circumstances where neither Justice Breyer nor his brother had a financial interest in the outcome of the case.

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