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for December, 2013

Prof. Carpenter Speaks on Radio on 'Same-Sex Marriage in 2013 and Beyond'

December 26, 2013

Professor Dale Carpenter spoke on The Take Away radio show on "Same-Sex Marriage in 2013 and Beyond." Carpenter examined the state of same-sex marriage rights as 2013 draws to a close and looked ahead to what to expect in 2014.

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Prof. Feld's Book Kids, Cops, and Confessions Highlighted in National Science Foundation Sponsored Research

December 24, 2013

Professor Barry Feld's book Kids, Cops, and Confessions: Inside the Interrogation Room was highlighted in research sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The NSF stated: "The findings, published in Kids, Cops, and Confessions: Inside the Interrogation Room (New York University Press 2013), will aid police departments, juvenile and criminal defense attorneys, state legislatures and judicial law-reform commissions in developing better policies to regulate interrogation practices and provide social scientists with a template to repeat the study in other jurisdictions." The book was also reviewed by Daniel S. Medwed of Northeastern University School of Law and by Dawn Maynen of Indiana University.

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Prof. McGeveran Interviewed by Media on Target Data Breach

December 18, 2013

Professor Bill McGeveran was interviewed by WCCO and KARE 11 about the data breach incident involving Target. "Target is actually particularly sophisticated in information technology, and credit card information is usually the most secure at any merchant like Target, so this was probably bad luck or a really good hacker, " said McGeveran.

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Prof. Kritzer Quoted in Star Tribune on Compensation Received by Minn. Judges for Outside Activities

December 16, 2013

Professor Herbert Kritzer was quoted in a Star Tribune article concerning compensation received by Minnesota judges for their off-bench activities. According to the article, fewer than half of the state's top judges earned outside pay last year.

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Prof. Shen Quoted in Wired on Law and Neuroscience

December 16, 2013

Professor Francis Shen was quoted in a Wired article recapping recent uses of brain science in court. Shen commented on the NFL brain injury law suit settlement, as well as recent changes in the diagnostic criteria for mental disorders.

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Prof. Goodwin Interviewed for HBO Show 'Vice' on Gestational Surrogacy in India

December 16, 2013

Professor Michele Goodwin was interviewed for HBO's Emmy-nominated show "Vice" for its episode on gestational surrogacy in India. Goodwin, an expert on assisted reproductive technologies, highlighted how transnational surrogacy is virtually unregulated and shifts demands for reproductive services from the West to developing nations, including India. Goodwin asks viewers to consider whether aspects of this form of medical tourism resembles forms of neocolonialism.

Profs. Shaffer and Goodwin to Speak in Abu Dhabi on Standard-Setting, International Harmonization and Development

December 16, 2013

Professors Gregory Shaffer and Michele Goodwin will be the keynote speakers on a plenary panel in Abu Dhabi on standard-setting, international harmonization and development on Dec. 16.

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Prof. Meili Delivers Paper at Refugee Resettlement Conference in New Zealand

December 14, 2013

Professor Stephen Meili delivered a paper on U.S. refugee resettlement policy at a conference sponsored by the University of Auckland's New Zealand Centre on Human Rights. The theme of the conference was the extent to which the resettlement policies of five countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States) comport with each country's obligations under international human rights law. Meili's presentation covered the U.S. case and argued that while U.S. policy exceeds its treaty obligations in some areas, it falls short of it in others. Meili's research for the conference compliments his current research on the impact of human rights treaties on asylum jurisprudence and practice in the same five countries. His research in that area has been sponsored by grants from the National Science Foundation and the Robina Foundation.

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Prof. Goodwin to Give the 2014 Howard A. Schneiderman Memorial Bioethics Lecture

December 13, 2013

Professor Michele Goodwin will give the 2014 Howard A. Schneiderman Memorial Bioethics Lecture at the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center of the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering. This annual, endowed lecture features the nation's leading bioethicists and medical scholars. Among the past lecturers are Alexander Capron, the late Dorothy Nelkin, Arthur Caplan, and Ezekiel Emanuel. Goodwin's lecture will feature her international research on markets, race, and gender in medicine.

Prof. Wolf Publishes Op-Ed in Star Tribune on Incidental Findings

December 12, 2013

Professor Susan Wolf published an op-ed in the Star Tribune on the new Presidential Commission report addressing the challenge of incidental findings in medical care and biomedical research. Wolf's piece maintains that the new report rightly emphasizes the enormous challenges posed by incidental findings and recommends some needed steps. However, she argues that the report creates problems by failing to fully protect patients' rights to refuse extra testing and unwanted information. Click here to read the op-ed.

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Prof. Wolf's Work Cited by Presidential Commission Report on Incidental Findings

December 12, 2013

The Presidential Commission on Bioethics has released its long-awaited report on incidental findings. The report quotes and cites heavily from NIH-funded projects led by Professor Susan Wolf with co-investigators and the resulting publications. The report says that "Research groups funded by the National Institutes of Health--including those led by Susan Wolf...--have focused on the management of incidental findings that arise in the research and clinical contexts," citing to "National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) grant #R01- HG00178 for a two-year project on 'Managing Incidental Findings in Human Subjects Research' (Susan M. Wolf, principal investigator; Jeffrey P. Kahn, Frances Lawrenz, Charles A. Nelson, co-investigators)..." This was the first of several NIH-funded projects on return of results and incidental findings led by Wolf working with multiple co-investigators and collaborators across the country, and based in the University's Consortium on Law and Values in Health, Environment & the Life Sciences. For more on these grants and the resulting publications, visit http://consortium.umn.edu/grants_research/home.html.

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Prof. Cox Speaks on MPR about Foreclosures

December 12, 2013

Professor Prentiss Cox appeared on Minnesota Public Radio's The Daily Circuit to talk about foreclosures. Cox reviewed the recent data on foreclosures and discussed whether foreclosure rates are headed back to historic levels.

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Prof. Shen Quoted in TIME on Direct Brain Interventions

December 5, 2013

Professor Francis Shen was quoted in a TIME article discussing the implications of a new neuroscience study in which electrical shocks were used to bolster feelings of resilience in subjects. Shen observed that safety and efficacy should be paramount in regulating such technologies.

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Profs. Green and Ni Aolain Involved in Human Rights Brief Cited in Ninth Circuit Argument

December 2, 2013

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit heard an oral argument in Doe v. Nestle, brought on behalf of child labor victims in the Ivory Coast. At the argument, the judges extensively discussed an amicus brief on behalf of Nuremberg Scholars including Professor Fionnuala Ni Aolain. The brief discussed Nuremberg precedent on aiding and abetting standards. Professor Jennifer Green was counsel of record on the brief.

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Prof. Borrows Speaks on WTIP Radio on New White Earth Constitution

December 2, 2013

Professor John Borrows spoke on WTIP North Shore Community Radio about the new White Earth constitution. On Nov. 19, almost 80 percent of the voting members of the White Earth Nation, part of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, approved the new constitution, which, among other things, establishes a new rule for determining tribal membership. The White Earth Nation will be the first band in Minnesota to do away with the so-called "blood quantum" law for tribal membership.