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Faculty News

for February, 2008

Cox in Various Media on Foreclosure Crisis

February 27, 2008

Professor Prentiss Cox has been quoted in various local media in January and February discussing the continued disturbing rise in foreclosures. Cox has appeared on the Twin Cities Public Television show Almanac, was quoted twice on Minnesota Public Radio and quoted in a Minneapolis Star Tribune article. Most recently, he appeared on the Good Question segment of WCCO-TV News.

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Orfield on MPR about Twin Cities' Political Makeup

February 20, 2008

Minnesota Public Radio featured Professor Orfield in their recent story detailing the partisan voting divide between central city and suburban citizens. Data and maps compiled by Orfield's Institute on Race & Poverty illustrated the significant changes in voting patterns for the Twin Cities over the past 10 years.

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Kirtley Decries Sealed Cases in Minnesota

February 15, 2008

Prof. Jane Kirtley was quoted in Dan Browning's article, "Secret criminal cases may at last see the light of day" in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Prof. Kirtley described the newspaper's discovery that many federal criminal cases have been under seal for more than three years as "painful." "Any kind of secret proceeding is subject to problems — corruption, special interest, favored treatment, discriminatory treatment — and the only way you know that those things aren't happening is if they take place in public." Although concerns about national security may have prompted the sealings, Prof. Kirtley noted, "secrecy doesn't necessarily mean that we are more secure. In fact, it often means the opposite."

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