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Faculty News

for July, 2007

Washburn on WBUR (NPR) in Boston

July 31, 2007

Professor Washburn was quoted on a radio segment involving the gaming development of the recently-recognized Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe. The story, entitled, "Casino Gets Town's OK," discussed a referendum within Middleborough, MA, to approve the tribal gaming proposal. Professor Washburn explained the regulatory hurdles required to develop casino gaming at that location.

Kirtley Quoted in Baltimore Sun

July 21, 2007

Prof. Jane Kirtley was quoted in "Anonymous Blogger Gets Under the Skin of Democrats" in the Baltimore Sun. Prof. Kirtley discussed court rulings in libel cases arising out of anonymous political blogs. "The remedy for defamatory speech on the Internet is not lawsuits, it is more speech," she said. "Self-help is the name of the game, which I think is disconcerting to a lot of people."

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Kirtley Delivers Lectures in Dominican Republic

July 16, 2007

Prof. Jane Kirtley delivered lectures and conducted workshops on freedom of information in the Dominican Republic between July 16 and 18 under the auspices of the U.S. State Department's Franklin Center in Santo Domingo. The programs were co-sponsored by the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra. She delivered a lecture on "Access to Public Information as an Investigative Reporting Tool for Fighting Corruption" in Santiago on July 16; conducted an all-day workshop for journalists on "How to Report on Government and FOIA Issues" in Santo Domingo on July 17; and delivered a lecture on "Public Information as a Tool for Promoting Transparency and Trust in Public Administration" to FOI officers and public relations managers, in coordination with the Information Office of the Presidency in Santo Domingo on July 18.

Prof. Kirtley was also interviewed about freedom of information and its importance in promoting democracy in Hoy, a daily newspaper in Santo Domingo, on July 17. (The Dominican Republic has only had a freedom of information law only since 2004.)

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Washburn On Front Page in Indian Country Today

July 13, 2007

Professer Washburn's testimony before the United States Senate last month was the front page story in Indian Country Today, the nation's largest media source focused exclusively on American Indian issues. The headline, "Law enforcement is a 'dotted blue line' in Indian country" referred to Professor's Washburn's claim in his testimony that the "thin blue line" that describes the police officers who protect ordinary citizens from crime is a dotted line on Indian reservations and that the gaps in the line are due to problems with accountability and cooperation. The article quoted extensively from Professor Washburn's oral testimony and also quoted former U.S. Attorney Tom Heffelfinger.

Stras and Johnson Edit New SSRN Journal

July 12, 2007

Law School Professor David Stras and Political Science Professor Tim Johnson have joined together to edit one of SSRN's two new subject-matter journals dealing with the intersection of political science and law. The e-journal, entitled Law and Politics, informs readers about new articles that analyze or discuss, among other things, politics and the legal process, democratic institutions, the separation of powers, and the impact of politics on development of law.

Orfield Article Published in CURA Reporter

July 12, 2007

Professor Myron Orfield, executive director of the Institute on Race and Poverty, and Nicholas Wallace, published "Expanding Educational Opportunity Through School and Housing Choice" in the recent summer edition of the CURA Reporter. The article talks about segregation in Twin Cities public schools and the growing need for integration.

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Balos Interviewed on WCCO TV

July 10, 2007

Professor Beverly Balos was interviewed on WCCO television commenting on the battered husband defense of lawmaker Rep. Mark Olson who is on trial for abusing his wife. Professor Balos observed that "battered husbands" are not a widespread social problem and while it is not unusual for a defendant to assert self-defense it is unusual for a male defendant to claim he is being battered by his female partner.

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Kirtley Quoted in Governing Magazine

July 10, 2007

Prof. Jane Kirtley is quoted in "A Little Sunshine" in the July issue of Governing Magazine. The article discusses current trends in state open government laws. Prof. Kirtley observed that statutory language may not have anticipated technological developments such as text-messaging, which might give officials new ways to avoid disclosure. She suggested that courts may eventually have to resolve some of these issues, but that "government officials and government employees should be starting from the presumption that everything they do is public information."

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Orfield Cited in Star Tribune on Race-Based Policy

July 9, 2007

Professor Myron Orfield's study,

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McGeveran quoted in Stateline.org

July 9, 2007

Professor William McGeveran commented for a story at Stateline.org about the federal database used for background checks before gun purchases. He noted some observers' privacy concerns related to adding more mental health records to the database.

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Kirtley quoted in Technology Daily

July 5, 2007

Prof. Jane Kirtley was quoted in "Small-Claims Victory Seen as Threat to Bloggers" in the July 5, 2007 PM Edition of the National Journal's Technology Daily.

She discussed the significance of a recent successful libel suit brought in small claims court in California by a journalist against a blogger who the journalist claimed had defamed him.

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Washburn Quoted in National Law Journal

July 3, 2007

Professor Kevin Washburn was quoted in the National Law Journal in a story entitled "Law Schools Bet on Gaming Law Courses" which discusses the increasing number of law schools offering classes on the law of gaming/gambling. Professor Washburn has taught the class in each of the last two academic years at Minnesota and will be teaching the course next year at the Harvard Law School, which is apparently the first time it has ever been offered there. New research shows that the course is now taught at more than thirty law schools nationwide.

Professor Stras Quoted in BusinessWeek

July 2, 2007

Professor David Stras was quoted in the July 9 issue of BusinessWeek regarding the Supreme Court's recent term and its impact on business. In particular, Professor Stras was quoted as saying that the Court's recent decision in Philip Morris USA v. Williams could be a "real sleeper in terms of its import" among this term's cases and that it may drastically curtail punitive damages awards in the future.