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for July, 2013

Prof. Carpenter Speaks on MPR on States' Laws Causing Complications for Same-Sex Couples

July 31, 2013

Professor Dale Carpenter spoke on Minnesota Public Radio on the possibility of some states' laws causing complications for same-sex couples. While Minnesota is the 12th state in the country to legalize same-sex marriage, Carpenter noted that life for couples who are married in states like Minnesota, but work or seek medical treatment in states that do not recognize same-sex marriage will be complicated. "There are already many lawsuits that have been filed that deal with some of these issues," Carpenter said. "I think we're going to see those sorts of things worked out in litigation over the next few years."

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Prof. Carpenter Quoted in MinnPost on Same-Sex Marriage and Discrimination Complaints

July 24, 2013

Professor Dale Carpenter was quoted in a MinnPost article entitled "With New Gay-Marriage Law Comes Misinformation and Tall Tales." The article quoted Carpenter's May 2013 Pioneer Press commentary entitled "The Rites and Rights of Marriage."

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Prof. Kirtley Quoted in Star Tribune on Attempts of MNsure to Keep Marketing Plan Secret

July 24, 2013

Professor Jane Kirtley denounced attempts by the new state-run insurance exchange, MNsure, to temporarily conceal its marketing plan from the public as "bogus," in a Star Tribune article on the exchange's petition to the Minnesota Department of Administration for an exemption from the state open records law. Kirtley questioned MNsure's premise that secrecy was justified to prevent the public from being misled by opponents of Obamacare, saying that "the remedy is to get accurate information out there, not hide it from the people." Although acknowledging that marketing plans are typically kept secret by private companies, "once you become a government contractor, you give up the ability to operate that way," she said.

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Prof. McGeveran Speaks on MPR on Privacy and License Plate Scanners

July 22, 2013

Professor William McGeveran, an expert in privacy and digital technology, was a guest for an "In Depth" segment of Minnesota Public Radio's Daily Circuit program discussing the privacy implications of license plate scanners used by law enforcement. The automated scanners record the license plate number of every passing car along with time and location, and store this data indefinitely. A recent American Civil Liberties Union report about the technology called for stronger regulation.

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Prof. Kirtley Speaks on Privacy in the Digital Age at NFJE

July 20, 2013

Professor Jane Kirtley appeared on a panel, entitled "Emerging Technology and Privacy Questions," at the National Foundation for Judicial Excellence Ninth Annual Judicial Symposium in Chicago. Kirtley delivered a paper, entitled "Slippery Slopes and Uncharted Waters: Privacy Torts and Access Issues in the Digital Age," before an audience of approximately 150 state appellate judges.

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Prof. Wolf Speaks at NIH's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases on Challenges Posed by Incidental Findings

July 19, 2013

Professor Susan Wolf presented at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to an audience including individuals from across the National Institutes of Health. Wolf addressed challenges of managing incidental findings in clinical research and the debates under way on return of results and incidental findings in both research and clinical care.

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Prof. Shen Speaks on HuffPost Live on Prisons Using Brain Scans to Predict Inmate Recidivism

July 15, 2013

Professor Francis Shen participated in a HuffPost Live event entitled "Here Comes Precrime." Shen discussed the legal implications of recent research using brain scans to help predict criminal recidivism. Shen teaches a Law and Neuroscience course at the Law School.

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Prof. Befort Quoted in Associated Press Article on Discrimination Case Involving Minnesota Senate Aide

July 11, 2013

Professor Stephen Befort was quoted in an Associated Press article commenting on the sex discrimination lawsuit filed by fired Minnesota Senate Aide Michael Brodkorb. The article was prompted by the allegation that some female legislative staffers in the past had engaged in extra-marital affairs with Minnesota legislators, but had not suffered the same fate as Brodkorb in terms of losing his job. Befort explained that Brodkorb could find a discrimination claim more difficult to make if the other examples vary widely from the lead-up to his own firing. Befort stated, "the closer you are both in time and circumstances, the stronger the discrimination claim."

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Prof. McGeveran to Speak at American Constitution Society Happy Hour on NSA Surveillance

July 11, 2013

Professor William McGeveran will be the guest speaker at a summer happy hour sponsored by the Minneapolis-St. Paul chapter of the American Constitution Society. He will discuss recent revelations about NSA surveillance.

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Prof. Hickman's Article on Judicial Deference Doctrine Cited by Federal District Court

July 10, 2013

Professor Kristin Hickman's work on judicial deference doctrine was cited in a memorandum opinion issued by Chief Judge Karen E. Schreier of the U.S. District Court for the District of South Dakota in the case of Draper v. Colvin, No. CIV. 12-4091-KES. The case concerned a challenge against the Commissioner of Social Security's decision to terminate an individual's Supplementary Security Income benefits. In her memorandum opinion, Chief Judge Schreier cited Hickman's article with Matthew Krueger ('06), "In Search of the Modern Skidmore Standard," 107 Columbia Law Review 1235 (2007), in describing the standard of review utilized to review the Commissioner's interpretation of the relevant statutory language.

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Prof. Kappelhoff Quoted in Star Tribune on Sex Trafficking

July 10, 2013

Professor Mark Kappelhoff was quoted in a Star Tribune article entitled "Reasons for Female Sex Traffickers are Complex." "Sex trafficking is an equal-opportunity crime," said Kappelhoff. "We've seen men and women prey upon vulnerable victims. Sadly, we've seen family members, mothers. There may be a little more trust. Maybe it's easier for women to exploit another woman."

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Prof. Painter Quoted in Washington Post on Early Release of Consumer Confidence Data to Hedge Funds

July 9, 2013

Professor Richard Painter was quoted in a Washington Post article on efforts by the New York Attorney General to discourage Reuters from releasing to hedge funds two minutes before releasing to its general subscribers news reports about the University of Michigan Consumer Confidence survey. Painter said that while he shared the Attorney General's concern about there being a level playing field in securities markets, regulators should not pressure the press not to include certain information in news services to hedge fund subscribers. Rather, regulators should discourage the source of the information—the University of Michigan—from accepting payment in return for agreeing to its early release to hedge funds.

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Prof. Painter Quoted in Forbes on Selective Disclosure of Market-Moving Information

July 9, 2013

Professor Richard Painter was quoted in a Forbes article about groups, including universities, that, for a fee, allow market-moving information they generate to be selectively disclosed to hedge funds before release to the general public. The fact that this is permitted, Painter observed, is a "blind spot in U.S. law" and such groups, particularly governments and universities, should "not be allowed to selectively disclose market-moving data to people who pay more money."

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Prof. Shen's Research Featured in Psychology Progress

July 9, 2013

Professor Francis Shen's recent article on mayors and urban education, entitled "Community Support for Mayoral Control of Urban School Districts: A Critical Reexamination," was featured as a key research article in Psychology Progress. Psychology Progress alerts the scientific community to key research articles determined to be of major importance in their respective fields. Click here to download the full text of the article.

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Prof. Cotter to Present Munich Intellectual Property Law Center Lecture

July 8, 2013

Professor Tom Cotter will present the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center Lecture in Munich, Germany. Cotter's lecture is entitled "The Comparative Law and Economics of Standard Essential Patents and FRAND Royalties."

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Prof. McGeveran Writes Op-Ed in Pioneer Press on National Security Agency

July 5, 2013

Professor William McGeveran wrote an op-ed published in the Pioneer Press calling for greater transparency about National Security Agency eavesdropping programs and the secret intelligence court that authorizes them.

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