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Faculty News

for June, 2009

McGeveran Comments on Appeals Court's Privacy Decision

June 30, 2009

Professor William McGeveran commented for a Pioneer Press story about a Minnesota Court of Appeals decision interpreting the state's privacy torts. He explained that Minnesota only recognized the torts relatively recently, and the court's ruling will make it easier to show violations in many cases.

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Prof Cox in Media on Foreclosures and Financial Institution Regulation

June 28, 2009

A story in the Pioneer Press about regulation foreclosures and the real estate market quoted Professor Prentiss Cox's view that the next wave of foreclosures was not inevitable and could be managed with better public policy.

Similarly, in a June 29, 2009 Minnesota Public Radio news story Cox stated that the Obama mortgage loan modification program needed to be implemented more transparently and systemically, and that foreclosures should be pre-conditioned on requiring an evaluation of eligibility for the program.

Moriearty to Speak at TimeBanks USA's Racial Justice Initiative Colloquium

June 24, 2009

Clinical Professor Perry Moriearty has been invited to speak at the launch of TimeBank USA's Racial Justice Initiative, which will take place on June 26, 2009 in Madison, Wisconsin. The Initiative is a multi-phase legislative and legal effort spearheaded by civl rights attorney Edgar Cahn to reduce the problem of racial disproportionality in the juvenile justice system.

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Cox in Star Tribune Editorial and News Article

June 23, 2009

Professor Prentiss Cox was quoted in a Star Tribune editorial on June 23, 2009 about financial institution reform. Cox stated that banks should not continue to hold a privileged position allowing them to avoid liability under consumer protection and deceptive practice laws.

He also was quoted in a Star Tribune news article on June 17, 2009 about the future of foreclosures in the metropolitan area.

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Cotter Discusses Patent Damages on IP Colloquium

June 12, 2009

Both Congress and the Federal Trade Commission have held hearings in recent months on the law of patent damages. Professor Thomas Cotter, who has participated in the FTC hearings, was recently a guest on IP Law Colloquium, an online audio program on intellectual property topics titled "Patent Reform: Damages," hosted by USC Law Professor Doug Lichtman.

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Professor Stras Appointed to Executive Committee of the Federalist Society's Litigation Practice Group

June 9, 2009

Professor David Stras has been appointed to the executive committee of the litigation practice group of the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies. Professor Stras also serves on the executive committee of the Federalism and Separation of Powers practice group of the Federalist Society.

Kirtley's Op-Ed on Minnesota Open Government Laws in Pioneer Press

June 5, 2009

Professor Jane Kirtley's op-ed, "It's time to make Minnesota's open-government laws stronger and clearer," appeared in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. She argues that the Government Data Practices Act has morphed from a short and simple statement on access to a complex statute of more than 100 pages. "The MGDPA is neither transparent, nor a key to transparency. It's a barrier, not a gateway, to information," she wrote.

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McGeveran Discusses Fantasy Football Lawsuit

June 4, 2009

The Star Tribune quoted Professor William McGeveran discussing a lawsuit over the right to use NFL players' statistics in online fantasy football games. Yahoo.com, which runs one such game, filed the suit in federal court in Minneapolis. McGeveran pointed out the possible anticompetitive effects of giving players monopoly control over the popular fantasy games.

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Professor Kirtley Discusses the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act on KFAI Radio

June 3, 2009

Professor Kirtley was a guest on KFAI Radio's "Truth to Tell" show. The topic was "Freedom of Information: Dilemma Over Public vs. Private." The panel of open government and privacy advocates discussed the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, and how it works, or fails to work, to promote open and acountable government in the state. Professor Kirtley suggested that the MGDPA should be bifurcated into two statutes to deal separately with access to information and personal privacy.

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Cox On TPT's Almanac And Channel 11

June 2, 2009

Professor Prentiss Cox appeared on the Twin Cities Public Television program Almanac on May 29, 2009 to discuss the declining real estate market and mortgage lending.

Cox also was interviewed as part of the KARE-TV NewsMaker series aired on the Channel 11 news show on May 16, 2009.

Professor Cox also was quoted in a story in the Bemidji Pioneer and other regional newspapers regarding mortgage and foreclosure related legislation in the 2009 Minnesota legislative session.

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Professor Stras Quoted in The National About the Sotomayor Nomination

June 2, 2009

Professor David Stras was quoted in The National about President Obama's nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. The article quoted an entry that Professor Stras posted on SCOTUSblog over the weekend about the barriers that Judge Sotomayor will face during the confirmation process.