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Faculty News

for November, 2008

C-SPAN Airs Federalist Panel with Professor Stras

November 21, 2008

Professor Stras was a speaker on the panel "Judicial Tenure: Life Tenure or Fixed Nonrenewable Terms?" at the Federalist Society's 2008 National Lawyers Convention. This year's convention looks into the role played by America's judicial system. Stras' panel discussed the practicality of life tenures for Supreme Court justices and the state of federalism in the Roberts Court. Video is available via C-SPAN.

Carpenter Quoted in the Associated Press on Proposition 8

November 13, 2008

Professor Dale Carpenter was quoted in the Associated Press and was interviewed on NPR about Proposition 8 and the singling out of the Mormon Church.

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Courts Cite Feld's Research

November 10, 2008

Within the past six months, three state courts have cited Feld's research on various aspects of juvenile justice administration: In re Andrew,--- N.E.2d ----, 2008 WL 4367288 (Ohio,2008) (juvenile’s competence to waive counsel during parole revocation hearing); In re Richard A., 946 A.2d 204 (R.I.,2008) (conflict between rehabilitative role of juvenile court and sex offender registration statute); and In re H.V., 252 S.W.3d 319 (Tex.,2008) (juveniles’ competence to waive Miranda rights).

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