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Faculty News

for October, 2006

Star Tribune Highlights Stein’s Career

October 28, 2006

The Star Tribune discussed the career and contributions of Professor Bob Stein, who has returned to teach and practice, after serving as former Law School dean from 1979-1994, and faculty member from 1964-1999. Professor Stein is teaching estate planning at the Law School, and will teach a law school course on advancing the rule of law throughout the world and an undergraduate course about great cases that have shaped and shocked the nation. Professor Stein will also be of counsel at Gray Plant Mooty. He served as Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the American Bar Association from 1994 to 2006.

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Star Tribune Cites Cox on Payday Loans

October 25, 2006

The Star Tribune cited Prentiss Cox, Associate Professor of Clinical Law, in an article entitled “Payday loans rise online—and so does debt.” The article discusses the potential for hundreds of companies delivering money over the internet to bypass state laws on payday loans. Minnesota law limits payday loans to $350 and caps the interest rate at about 200 percent annually, or $23 on a loan of $300, whereas internet lenders grant loans as high as $1,000 and may charge interest rates of more than 1,000 percent annually, or $93 every two weeks on a $500 loan. According to Cox, payday companies that loan money to Minnesota residents should comply with state law regulating payday loans because use of the internet does not exempt lenders from adhering to state law regulating payday loans.

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MPR Quotes Hill on Options Backdating Issue

October 16, 2006

On October 16, MPR quoted Professor Hill on the subject of the steps taken by United Healthcare in response to revelations of options backdating. Many companies, including United Healthcare, have been found or accused of backdating option grants in order to increase compensation for executives. Hill noted that while United Healthcare has taken steps to prevent such abuses in the future, simply putting mechanisms in place is not sufficient: execution is critical.

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MPR Cites Burk in Kennedy/Klobuchar Incident

October 9, 2006

Minnesota Public Radio News cited Professor Dan Burk in "Ad theft 'illegal,' experts say," which discusses illegal activity that may have occurred when Amy Klobuchar's communications director, Tara McGuiness, viewed a campaign ad for Republican Mark Kennedy that had not yet been made public. A blogger directed McGuiness to the ad. According to Professor Burk, three distinct areas of federal and state law may have been violated.

Hickman in Top 25 of SSRN Tax Law Downloads

October 5, 2006

TaxProf Blog has reported the SSRN (The Social Science Research Network) monthly rankings of 389 American and international law school faculties and 1500 law professors. In the category of recent downloads (October 1, 2005 through October 1, 2006), Professor Kristin Hickman falls within the top 25 of Tax Law professors. Congratulations, Professor Hickman!

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