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Faculty News

for October, 2008

Kirtley Discusses Whether LA Times Should Release Obama Video

October 30, 2008

Prof. Jane Kirtley was quoted in a story in the Los Angeles Times, discussing whether the newspaper should accede to demands of the McCain-Palin campaign and violate its promise of confidentiality to the source of controversial video of a 2003 event at which Barack Obama "paid tribute" to a Palestinian scholar. Kirtley noted that the Supreme Court has ruled that the First Amendment does not prohibit sources from suing the press for breaking similar promises, but that journalists should strive to put source material into the public domain. "In this increasingly divided, partisan world, there are fewer people, sadly, who will take a reporter's word for it," she said.

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Orfield Guest for WCCO Radio's Steele Talkin'

October 26, 2008

Professor Myron Orfield was a guest of Jearlyn Steele, host of WCCO radio's Steele Talkin' program. The Sunday evening program covers regional topics of interest ranging from politics and education to people in the news. Orfield discussed the connections between housing and schools in the Twin Cities and the potential for positive impact for students if affordable housing and school choice are better linked.

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Cox Discusses Bank Regulatory Failure in Seattle Paper

October 9, 2008

Professor Prentiss Cox was quoted in an investigative story by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer about the failure of federal bank regulators related to mortgage lending.

Cox also appeared on the Mondale and Jones call-in show on WCCO radio on October 15, 2008 to discuss the mortgage lending crisis.

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Prof. Bix Quoted on Minnesota Supreme Court Open Adoption Decision

October 6, 2008

Professor Brian Bix was quoted in an Minnesota Lawyer story relating to a Minnesota Supreme Court decision, C.O. v. John Doe (Oct. 2, 2008). The State Supreme Court decided that a trial court had been in error in terminating an open adoption agreement without an evidentiary hearing, when the grounds for the termination had been disputed factual assertions. Prof. Bix observed that the Court's decision was appropriately narrow, avoiding larger questions that had been raised by the parties relating to courts' general power to terminate agreements. Additionally, Prof. Bix observed, because the court prevented peremptory terminations of open agreements in cases of this sort, parents who would only give up their children under such agreements will be more likely to go forward with the adoption process.

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