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Faculty News

for April, 2014

Prof. Ní Aoláin Presents at Global Prosperity and Democracy Forum

April 24, 2014

Professor Fionnuala Ní Aoláin will present at the Carlson School of Management's forum entitled "Global Prosperity and Democracy: Challenges for Corporations, Government, NGOs, and Civil Society." Her panel addresses the important question of "Good Government and the Rule of Law". Other speakers include the Honorable Judge John Tunheim, Mr. Fukuyama, Brian Atwood, Norm Coleman and Rep. Erik Paulson.

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Prof. Carbone Discusses Disadvantages of Marriage for Single Parents in Slate Column

April 22, 2014

Professors June Carbone and Naomi Cahn (George Washington University) wrote an article for Slate entitled "Just Say No: For White Working-class Women, it Makes Sense to Stay Single Mothers." Drawing on their new book, Marriage Markets: How Inequality is Remaking the American Family (Oxford University Press, 2014), they explain why working class women may see marriage as a threat, rather than an asset, to their ability to care for their children.

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Prof. Orfield Hosts Forum on Met Council's Fair Housing Equity Assessment

April 21, 2014

Professor Myron Orfield and the Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity hosted a forum on the Met Council's Fair Housing Equity Assessment. Participants included residents of North Minneapolis, the Saint Paul NAACP, many diverse suburban officials and parent groups supporting integrated schools. KARE11 reported on the forum in a piece entitled "Low Income Units Along Green Line Questioned."

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Prof. Kirtley Quoted in U.S. Law Week on Secret 'Company Doe' Case

April 18, 2014

Professor Jane Kirtley was quoted in a U.S. Law Week story about the Fourth Circuit's ruling in Company Doe v. Public Citizen, which reversed a federal district judge's decision allowing a manufacturer's challenge to a CPSC online report containing a complaint about one of its products to proceed in secret and to use a pseudonym in the case. Kirtley pointed out that the appeals court's decision was "sweeping in its scope," recognizing a First Amendment right of access to civil records, the trial court's summary judgment opinion, and the docket sheet. She noted the Fourth Circuit's finding that the organizations seeking access had suffered irreparable harm, and that the decision "is a reminder that judges should always be thinking about these phantom third parties...the public and the press" when making decisions about whether to seal court records.

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Prof. Moriearty Quoted in Pioneer Press on Minnesota Supreme Court Decision

April 17, 2014

Professor Perry Moriearty was interviewed for and quoted in a Pioneer Press article discussing the Minnesota Supreme Court's recent decision in Minnesota v. Roman Nose. In the decision, the Court reinstated a sentence of life without parole stemming from a juvenile offense and reaffirmed its prior ruling that the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Miller v. Alabama does not apply retroactively.

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Prof. Shaffer Elected Vice President of American Society of International Law

April 17, 2014

Professor Gregory Shaffer has been elected to become Vice President of the American Society of International Law (ASIL), the leading international law society in the United States.

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Prof. Painter Quoted in Washington Post on Google and Alleged Illegal Online Drug Sales

April 15, 2014

Professor Richard Painter was quoted in a Washington Post article about ongoing federal and state investigations of Google's involvement with illegal online drug sales. The story reported that Google was invited to a White House forum on the same topic at the same time as federal prosecutors were investigating and charging Google for the alleged conduct. Painter, who was ethics counsel at the White House during the George W. Bush administration, expressed surprise that Google was allowed to participate in the White House forum. "We absolutely would not have permitted it," Painter, said. Painter added that he would not have been concerned about Google officials attending other White House events, "but not an event on a topic for which the company was under active investigation."

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Prof. Orfield's Work on Police Perjury Cited in Chicago Tribune

April 15, 2014

Professor Myron Orfield's work on police perjury was cited in a Chicago Tribune article entitled "5 Cops Caught in Lies on Witness Stand, Judge Says." In discussing a trial in which five Chicago policemen were found to have committed perjury, the article noted Orfield's studies of the Chicago police and court systems, which found that police perjury was a common occurrence.

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Prof. Chan Quoted in Star Tribune on Sexual Assault of Immigrant Teen in Jail

April 14, 2014

Professor Linus Chan was quoted in a Star Tribune article about an immigrant teenager represented by the Center for New Americans' Detainee Rights Clinic who was sexually assaulted at Sherburne County Jail after he was housed with a convicted child molester who was a Department of Corrections Inmate. The story reports that the recent incident highlights a nationwide problem of assaults and sexual violence at immigration detention centers, which is exacerbated by the mixing of immigrant detainees held under civil detention with criminal detainees in county jails. The Clinic's advocacy led to the client's release without litigation, and resulted in Sherburne County segregating immigration and criminal detainees in that facility. The case also prompted the Star Tribune editorial board to call for the end of mixing immigrant detainees with criminal detainees in all facilities.

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Prof. Carbone Quoted in Wall Street Journal on Student Debt

April 14, 2014

Professor June Carbone was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article on responsibility for student debt. Carbone addressed the circumstances in which such debt might be allocated at divorce.

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Prof. Hasday Answers WCCO's 'Good Question': "How Much Parental Leave Do We Take?"

April 3, 2014

Professor Jill Hasday appeared in the "Good Question" segment on WCCO News, answering the question, "How Much Parental Leave Do We Take?" Hasday explained the federal and state laws governing parental leave and the obstacles that parents encounter in trying to take leave.

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Prof. Cribari to Speak on Cultural Property in Conflict

April 3, 2014

Professor Stephen Cribari will present "Of Monuments and Men: Cultural Property in Conflict" as part of the Headliners series, sponsored by the University of Minnesota College of Continuing Education, at the Continuing Education Conference Center on Thursday, April 3 at 7:00 p.m. The program will provide an overview of humankind's tradition of cultural property depredation, consider how cultural property is (or is not) protected, and highlight some of the major conflicts involving cultural property today.

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